Whether it is possible to drink milk with honey at pregnancy?

Whether it is possible to drink milk with honey at pregnancy?

 Milk with honey — universal remedy from various catarrhal diseases of which our ancestors knew still. It would seem, and medicine you will not call this natural all-strengthening means, so it harmless to health, though effective at cold. But many future mothers ask a question of whether it is possible to apply this means at pregnancy. Their concern is clear therefore we will try to understand the matter.

Advantage of drink

For a start it is necessary to understand what effect of wonderful substance is based on.

The main substances and minerals as a part of milk:

  • proteins — are construction material of our muscle tissues;
  • amino acids — a basis of proteins, besides, of amino acid participate in a metabolism;
  • fatty acids — power exchange and formation of nervous system of an embryo;
  • cholesterol (good) — is necessary for women for normal hormonal activity of an organism;
  • calcium — formation of a bone tissue of a fruit;
  • iron — an element without which calcium is very badly acquired, is responsible for the normal level of hemoglobin;
  • magnesium, sodium and potassium are necessary for an organism for the normal course of exchange processes;
  • vitamins A, group B, D promote stable work of the immune system and development of an embryo;
  • lactose — is necessary for normal activity of useful bacteria of a GIT.

Whether you know? During pregnancy the doctors recommend to use dark grades of honey as their structure usually includes more useful substances.

As for honey, it is all known source of vitamins and minerals long ago. Honey incorporates the mass of irreplaceable amino acids and other connections, analogs which are not present in other products. For example, folic acid which rather large amount contains in structure of quality honey is necessary for formation of a healthy fruit, interfering with development of defects of central nervous system.

Here only some properties of honey demonstrating its usefulness:

  • it is rich with the antioxidants interfering development of inflammations, catarrhal diseases and oncology;
  • thanks to the high content of various carbohydrates is a fine power source;
  • normalizes acidity of gastric juice;
  • contains the potassium and magnesium necessary for normal functioning of central nervous system, durability of vessels, normal work of a cardiac muscle;
  • copper and iron are irreplaceable in blood formation processes, for maintenance of level of hemoglobin;
  • antioxidants and phytoncides have antimicrobic effect (and only on pathogenic bacteria), promote clarification of intestines from waste products, removing toxins and other garbage;
  • normalizes digestion processes;
  • interferes with development of fungal diseases;
  • strengthens the immune system, normalizes exchange processes;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect, including on a reproductive system;
  • well influences a state skin and indumentum.

It is possible to tell that these two products also separately represent a generous source of vitamins and minerals, and at joint use they in general turn into the divine nectar giving to the person health.

Several words about advantage of drink:

  • cleans airways, deleting a phlegm from lungs;
  • it is effective at cold, rhinitis, flu;
  • it is vitamin-rich which, thanks to natural origin, are well acquired;
  • thanks to antimicrobial action, well influences intestinal microflora, normalizing functioning of a GIT;
  • well influences exchange processes, removing excess fat;
  • it is effective as soft natural sleeping pill;
  • is soft natural diuretic;
  • increases immunity, renders feed of an organism calcium, proteins and milk sugar.

It is important! If you use milk from packages, for preparation of remedy it should not be boiled, it is enough to warm up up to the temperature not above +50 °C. If raw milk, it is necessary to boil it, at the same time soda can be added before boiling. In this case, if milk on the verge of turning sour, soda does not allow it to turn.

Milk with honey at pregnancy

Despite all above-stated useful properties of drink, women during pregnancy need to take it with caution. You should not forget about rather high allergenicity of honey.

At cold

Thanks to the antimicrobic, anti-inflammatory and strengthening action, drink is excellent cure for cold and ORZ.

Action of means is based on reception of a large amount of vitamins and useful substances and also on soothing effect of drink. Often after reception of means even the most severe cold recedes next morning.

Besides, it is worth to remember about diuretic and sudorific effect of drink, and with liquid toxins also are removed from an organism (as our grandmothers spoke: the disease leaves) that leads to the speedy recovery.

  1. Heat a glass of milk (if the product pasteurized from packages) to temperature of +45...+50 °C. If milk is bought in the market (crude), it it is necessary to boil and allow to cool down up to the necessary temperature.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of honey, stir and drink the received drink small drinks.

Whether learn it is also possible at pregnancy tea with a bergamot, tea with raspberry, tea with a lemon.

For cough

Cough in general is bad in itself, and during pregnancy it is dangerous doubly: the severe cough proceeding the long time which is able to provoke an otsloyka of a placenta. Even childbirth before term is in certain cases possible. For this reason during pregnancy the constant cough is inadmissible, and because of contraindications to the majority of medicamentous means remain national, not pharmaceutical.

It is necessary to carry milk with honey which recipes can differ a little, depending on cough type to such means.

Sometimes women at pregnancy cannot long fall asleep, suffering from cough. The glass of warm curative drink will help to calm down, will reduce sharpness and intensity of cough and, quite perhaps, by the morning you will forget about an illness.

Whether you know? You should not drink milk with honey right after consumption of food. Such drink is capable to influence digestion negatively.

There are some methods of application:

  1. If at cough the phlegm is allocated, in 1 glass of milk put 1 h a honey spoon. Drink three times a day, last time before going to bed.
  2. In case of dry cough add 1/3 h a spoon of baking soda to drink.
  3. Anyway, irrespective of cough type (dry or with allocation of a phlegm), addition 1 of h a spoon of butter on 1 glass of drink is effective.

From a sore throat

Some experts are inclined to consider that it is impossible to call this remedy effective at a sore throat. Such opinion is based on the following reasons: at the use of the warm liquid having the enveloping action there is greenhouse effect which is the fertile field for development of pathogenic microorganisms.

However in an initial stage of diseases of a throat milk with honey — rather effective remedy, especially in combination with oil (creamy or cocoa).

Learn whether it is possible and as it is correct to take from a sore throat milk with soda, buckwheat honey, green radish, propolis, melted butter of a gkha, cabbage juice.

The advantage of such combination is based on the following factors:

  1. Natural butter contains, besides fat, a large amount of protein, correct cholesterol, lactose, vitamins.
  2. Basis of cocoa butter are triglycerides — derivatives of glycerin and fatty acids. Besides these substances, such oil is protein-rich also minerals. Some experts hold the opinion that this product is one of the best cough remedies of natural origin. In its structure there is a theobromine — the alkaloid applied in modern medicine to treatment of bronchial tubes and lungs.

Whether it is possible to drink hot milk with honey?

For preparation of medical drink it is necessary to use warm (+45...+50 °C), but not hot milk. The drink having more high temperature is at least useless.

It is several reasons for that:

  1. At a temperature above +50 °C the structure of fructose and glucose is broken, these saccharides lose properties inherent in them.
  2. Honey when heating emits dangerous carcinogen oxymethylfurfural owing to what such drink is not simply useless, but also is somewhat hazardous to health.

It is important! In case you have a low acidity of gastric juice, it is not necessary to add to milk more than 1/5 teaspoons of soda on a glass.

For the rest milk with honey is excellent cure for various catarrhal diseases. Means of natural origin, the usual contraindications peculiar to pharmacological medicines has no. With discretion with honey future mothers having allergic reaction to drink components, bad comprehensibility of casein, diabetes, exudative diathesis, infectious stones in kidneys should treat intake of milk. Future mothers should take care and care for own health and health of future kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team