Whether it is possible to drink soda from heartburn at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to drink soda from heartburn at pregnancy

During pregnancy the heartburn is a widespread indisposition. It - not an indicator of serious problems of pregnancy and the fruit. Pregnant women begin to feel in a gullet burning on any trimester of pregnancy. This unpleasant feeling can disappear without treatment, thanks to changes of a hormonal background of the pregnant woman.

The reasons and symptoms of heartburn at pregnant women

Each woman is individual, and process of pregnancy can proceed differently, and elimination of heartburn has to be carried out is coordinated with the gynecologist.

If attacks of heartburn happened even before pregnancy, it is necessary to see a doctor. This problem can be a disease symptom in digestive tract. If before pregnancy the woman had no heartburn, hormonal and physical changes can become its reason. In a body of the pregnant woman the progesterone level increases. It promotes a tone of muscles, and will allow to live and develop fully in matter body to a fruit of future kid.

The gullet and stomach are from each other divided by a strong muscle, and during normal work of an organism the muscle protects gullet walls from gastric juice. The lowered tone during incubation by mother of the child can cause hit back in a gullet stomach contents. Therefore during pregnancy the heartburn, as a rule, amplifies. Starvation, overeating, greasy or spicy food can aggravate such problem. This problem in the pit of the stomach is followed by sharp burning. This junction of a gullet and stomach. Divides their valve which during pregnancy works with violation. Therefore very often pregnant woman after a meal feels from stomach top strong burning with unpleasant feelings in a throat. If at a stomach there is pressure or the woman lies, symptoms can increase.

Use of soda from heartburn during pregnancy

It is not recommended to apply from heartburn soda during incubation of the kid. Such state at pregnant women - quite frequent phenomenon. Even if heartburn did not arise earlier, use of soda can lead to a vicious circle: unpleasant symptoms I will disappear, and then again to appear. Simplification intervals will become shorter over time, and symptoms are stronger. In this regard, the pregnant woman can speed up intake of solution from soda that will harmful affect an organism of mom and kid: soda can provoke in a mucous membrane of a stomach of irritation and an ulcer and also to cause hypostases of legs of future mummy. Some pregnant women are not afraid of consequences and still apply soda from heartburn during incubation of the kid. However also usual milk, juice of grapefruit or pieces of fresh carrots, and here a filbert will help to get rid of this problem, walnuts and almonds will help not to allow emergence of symptoms of heartburn. If no ways help to facilitate a state, will better address the qualified specialist or the treating gynecologist. He will prescribe a number of medicines, according to your individual requirements.

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