Whether it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy by henna

Whether it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy by henna

Doctors insistently advise pregnant women to abstain from a hair coloring. Chemical components of resistant paints can do harm to health, development of the kid. But what about natural means for coloring? Whether it is admissible to use henna during pregnancy?

Henna for hair during pregnancy

Henna belongs to paints natural. It influences in a sparing way hair, at the same time, unlike other natural means for coloring, is rather resistant. If doctors most often reasonably forbid to apply the chemical painting hair preparations during pregnancy, especially in the first weeks, then such ban does not extend to henna.

However it should be noted that it is about henna powder, but not about paints on its basis. The fact is that even the Asian painting means as a part of which there is a natural component contain some chemical additives. These additives will not affect health of the woman, and to here do some harm to health and development of the kid in a womb after all can. Therefore if there is a strong wish to paint curls during pregnancy, then it is better to give preference to exclusively natural products.

Henna for a hair coloring has a number of positive sides:

  • this means costs not much;
  • henna rather resistant, girls can use it with various type and different hair color, but to consider that the natural shade is more dark, the henna will yield result more darkly;
  • powder does not contain any third-party additives which could get into an organism of the woman and reach the child;
  • henna not only paints, but also treats hair; after application of means the curls become stronger and healthier; however in the first trimester it is necessary to apply means all the same accurately, during this period the hair of the pregnant woman are weakened and inclined to loss; additional influence can aggravate a situation;
  • henna perfectly struggles with dandruff, removes the naggers of the head;
  • of henna it is admissible to do the special restoring masks for hair, it is better to use for similar colourless powder.

The following bases are distinguished from minuses of use of henna:

  • henna "eats" in hair, but does not cover them with a colored film; because of it it is very slowly and difficult washed away though color can gradually become dim; however it is not necessary to dye hair henna during pregnancy very actively, it is not recommended to resort to natural means more often than time in one and a half months;
  • after use of henna it is impossible to use chemical artificial paints until henna is not washed away from curls or hair do not have hair cut;
  • being natural means, the painting grass powder can cause allergic reaction;
  • henna demands long time of a continence it on hair, it can be not always convenient and comfortable;
  • during pregnancy it is impossible to foresee precisely what shade will give means for coloring on hair;
  • this natural paint is not absolutely convenient for drawing on the long or curling curls, after coloring it is required to wash out hair very carefully.

Councils for a hair coloring by means of henna

Basic color of henna – red, copper. However at girls at whom curls by nature light, this painting means can give saturated red tone. To diversify a color palette and to receive additional shades, henna can be parted and mixed with other natural components. For example, the basma and henna are a classical combination which will allow to receive dark brown or even coal-black color on hair. If to add a turmeric and lemon juice to grass powder, hair after coloring will receive a nice golden shade. Henna can be dissolved not only with water, but also tea or grass infusion. If to use camomile broth, then color will turn out golden and red. Applying hibiscus tea in combination with henna, it is possible to achieve bright ruby notes on hair.

Being going to apply henna to coloring, the pregnant girl surely has to carry out the test for an allergy: to put a little funds for the back of a wrist and to see whether there was no irritation, an itch, etc. Being afraid for what shade will turn out on hair, it is previously possible to paint only one lock or to apply means on tips.

It is recommended to interact with henna in gloves. During coloring it is necessary to watch that the divorced powder did not get on skin, otherwise traces will be very difficult to be washed.

For cultivation of henna you should not use very many water or grass broth. Otherwise the consistence of the painting means will be very liquid, henna will begin to flow from hair, it will be impossible to sit out with it even half an hour. It is recommended to dissolve powder with hot boiled water, it is necessary to apply means on hair quickly that it did not cool down.

It is necessary to hold henna at least half an hour, but for saturated color it will be necessary to resemble with this means on hair 1.5-2.5 hours. The head is recommended to be wrapped up at first in a film, then to wrap up a towel. Such thermal effect will allow to achieve brighter shade.

In spite of the fact that henna does not possess absolutely strong and pungent smell, its aroma can cause unpleasant feelings at the pregnant woman. If there are dizziness, nausea, becomes stuffy and badly from a smell, the procedure of coloring it is necessary to interrupt and go out of doors urgently.

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