Whether it is possible to eat egg white at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to eat egg white at pregnancy

Eggs are a valuable dietary product. They almost completely consist of digestible protein. If earlier it was not detected an allergy, both protein, and a yolk can be eaten. Eggs are cheaper than some meat and do not harm a figure, besides, eggs dishes very quickly are cooked, so, it is always possible to make a lunch or an easy dinner in 10-15 minutes.


1. Eggs for pregnant women - one of the most useful products. They contain copper, iron, phosphorus, cobalt, vitamins A, D, vitamins of group of V.V eggs are all necessary for development of a germ therefore they are useful also to the pregnant woman. Some future mothers are afraid there are eggs because of high content in them of cholesterol, however only cholesterol of saturated fats is harmful, and products with natural cholesterol are safe for health. Saturated fats in egg of only 1.5 g.

2. High content it is well-cared – one more reason to use eggs during pregnancy, it is well-cared is responsible for development of a nervous tube and it is especially important in the first trimester. Physically healthy woman with the normal level of cholesterol in blood is allowed to eat 1-2 eggs a day. It can be a daily breakfast from the hard-boiled eggs or the omelet of times made from several eggs in several days. It is important to buy eggs in shop as not always domestic hens are healthy, there is a risk to be infected with salmonellosis. Before cooking of egg it is necessary to wash up and not to get the copies soiled by a dung well.

3. Eggs of waterfowl during pregnancy are not recommended to be used. They become much more often the cause of salmonellosis. But such product is ideal for pastries. Sufficient heat treatment ensures their safety, keeping at the same time usefulness. Quail eggs during pregnancy are especially useful to women with the lowered hemoglobin level, in them there is no cholesterol, and therefore eggs of quails can be eaten without fear. Phosphorus, potassium and vitamins of group B contain in bigger quantity, than in chicken. Besides the made quail eggs have more gentle structure and taste. If chicken protein can provoke allergic reactions, eggs of quails are safe and in this regard. In them the high content of an ovomoktsid which is an important component of antiallergic medicines.

4. There are no direct proofs that and normally them transfers products which are used by the woman during pregnancy, can provoke an allergy at the child. WHO recommends various food and consumption of all products usual for the woman's diet. If food allergy on chicken protein or other products is confirmed or arose for the first time against the background of pregnancy, only in this case it is necessary to exclude them from a diet. Crude eggs, cream from crude proteins and a dish like "egg flip" during pregnancy are not recommended to be used.

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