Whether it is possible to eat watermelon when breastfeeding

Whether it is possible to eat watermelon when breastfeeding

At the end of summer the counters of shops are filled with various fruit and berries. But in the period of a lactation the mothers need to observe strictly restrictions in food that the child had no allergic reaction. About whether it is possible to eat watermelon when breastfeeding, doctors with confidence answer what is possible. But it is worth knowing about advantage and harm of this summer berry before bringing it in a diet. Besides it is worth learning also about how to choose good watermelon that mom or the child had no poisoning.

Advantage of watermelon when breastfeeding

This juicy berry though has bright red color, but quite seldom causes allergic reaction in children. Many mothers note that when entering into a watermelon diet, the amount of breast milk increases. The woman after will eat watermelon begins to feel inflows in a breast. It is important to know it as the women suffering from the shortage of milk and the women inclined to laktostaza. 

Also in watermelon there are a lot of minerals and vitamins that, undoubtedly, important feeding mom. It is possible to carry calcium and magnesium which will help with restoration after the delivery to the most significant vitamins. The ascorbic acid which is in watermelon pulp helps to develop steady immunity and also brings dangerous nitrates out of an organism. Watermelon is saturated with iron that is very useful for women after the delivery. Anemia — one of the most frequent diagnoses in cards of young mothers. After the delivery the organism of the woman suffers from the lowered hemoglobin and the iron which is in structure of watermelon is capable to help to get rid of anemia. Also watermelon contains folic acid about which advantage practically each pregnant woman knows. Besides folic acid, watermelon contains also pantenolovy acid which will help to provide to the child and mom healthy and sound sleep.

Harm of watermelon when breastfeeding

The fear of many young mothers of introduction to a diet of watermelon is quite reasonable. This fruit — the champion by amount of the nitrates capable to accumulate in itself. In the earth, nitrates are not harmful, but their high quantity in food can cause the following consequences:

  • The increased gas generation;
  • Vomiting;
  • Disorder of digestion;

Undoubtedly, for even completely not created process of digestion at the baby these symptoms are quite heavy. At the first symptoms of poisoning at the kid it is necessary to call an ambulance immediately. 

There are also separate groups of children for whom consumption of watermelon is completely contraindicated:

  • In the presence of stones or sand in kidneys;
  • If there are any indigestions;
  • If there was a diagnosing any disease of kidneys.

To minimize possible consequences, can enter watermelon into a diet the feeding mom not earlier than in four months after the child's birth. 

It is the best of all to begin introduction of this berry with the test for allergic reaction. For this purpose mom needs to eat a small piece of watermelon and to watch a condition of the kid for two days. If the kid had no rashes on skin, his chair remained the same, and the stomach does not disturb, then mom can quietly bring watermelon in the diet.

Nuances of the consumption of watermelon when breastfeeding

If the woman decided to enter watermelon into a food allowance, then she should follow certain rules:

  • Always it is necessary to approach carefully the choice of watermelon (not to buy it near highways, not to cut watermelon outdoors);
  • It is worth buying this berry during a season. Early fruits can be stuffed with pesticides and nitrates and can cause the severe poisoning not only in mom, but also in the child;
  • Before the use watermelon needs to be washed out carefully in flowing water, it is desirable with use of a sponge and detergent;
  • Never the nursing mother should use watermelon of the first. It is better that at first someone from family tasted the first this berry;
  • You should not eat watermelon after dense meal. Otherwise there can be an increased gas generation both at mom, and at the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team