Whether it is possible to feed the child with fruit every day

Whether it is possible to feed the child with fruit every day

Food question - one of key at education of the child. Not only that health of the child directly depends on the solution of this problem, it is necessary to reckon that in the childhood habits of the personality are formed.

Structure of fruit

At first it is necessary to understand - what fruit consist of. You can study the table of the caloric content and structure of fruit specified in the end of article. From it it becomes clear that fruit are water plus carbohydrates.

You eat cocoes, chew bananas...

What substances are necessary to the child? Protein - construction material for any organism. As it is possible to notice from the above-stated table, there is no protein in the majority of fruit (or practically not).

Obligatory part of a diet of the child - meat, fish, a bird, dairy products - the main suppliers of protein. Having excluded these products from the menu of the growing organism, we doom him on lag in growth and development. Thus, it will not be possible to feed the child with some fruit, at all seeming usefulness of such approach.

The main thing is not to be overzealous. The fruit growing in your region are preferable. So, apples grow in Siberia, and, say, pineapples do not. Therefore the first it is more preferable.

Whether fruit are so necessary to the child

Are necessary, undoubtedly necessary. Every day has to bring to the child not only construction materials - proteins and fats, but also energy for construction of a healthy organism. The role of cereals and fruit also consists in it. Apples, pears, oranges and bananas will bring enough energy for harmonious development of your child.

Apples, oranges, pears - an irreplaceable source of vitamins and minerals. Pears contain the natural iodine necessary for the correct hormonal development. If A, the C situation are not so great, fruit - a solution.

It is difficult to overestimate tastes of fruit and their importance for the child. Using fruit salads, making "fruit plates", you teach him to fundamentals of healthy nutrition. It is desirable to replace candies and other sweets with useful fruit to the maximum. Interesting fact: people with dry type of skin will suit red fruits more, and to owners of oily skin - sourish green and yellow.

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