Whether it is possible to freeze breast milk

Whether it is possible to freeze breast milk

When the child was born and the lactation began, there is a question: and what to do next with breast milk? Many choose for themselves creation of bank of milk in case of a disease or its absence.

If conditions and volume of a lactation allow, breast milk is possible and it is even necessary to collect and freeze. Reasons here a little: it will always help out you in case it is necessary to leave for a long time; if you need to take the medicine incompatible with breastfeeding; if you decided to come to work. Correctly picked and frozen milk can be stored in the freezer about 6 months. Some women at whom there is too much milk decide to hand over it in dairy bank. Then conditions of collecting and storage of milk can be more rigid. All detailed information on this question can be obtained in maternity hospital.

The defrozen milk can have an unpleasant soap or metal smell. It can be also stratified in storage time. Be not frightened - it was not gone. Just well stir up a container, and milk will become uniform.

How to pick milk for storage

Before decantation it is necessary to wash up hands carefully. Ware in which milk will gather has to be sterilized. For freezing of milk use a glass bottle, the plastic container which is not containing bisfenol-A, a special plastic bag or a pallet. Milk can be decanted by means of a milk pump or manually. Milk pumps are convenient that by means of the adapter it is possible to attach to it a container for storage at once. If you decant milk manually, then it is the simplest to use a special package. One dose of milk is stored in it that is very convenient for feeding, and process of collecting allows to collect all drops to uniform. Do not fill capacity to the brim. It is the best of all to gather 2/3 or 3/4 containers as when freezing liquid increases in a size. Hermetically close a container. Write date of collecting by a pencil and at once place in the freezer. It is better to put containers with milk deep into of the camera where temperature the lowest.

Periods of storage

The combined fridge with the built-in freezer: milk is stored in the built-in camera about 1 month. The freezer adjacent to the fridge, with own door (top/lower placement or ""side by side"" fridges): a period of storage milk - about 6 months. Free-standing freezer: if the freezer is not exposed to defrosting, then milk can be stored till 1 year.

The defrozen milk can be stored in the fridge 24 more hours. However the remained milk after feeding is not subject to storage. It needs to be poured out.

Defrosting of breast milk

Breast milk can be defrozen on the shelf in the fridge, in the container with warm water or under a stream of warm water. In the fridge milk will be defrozen several hours. You remember terms and do everything in advance. If you decided to defreeze milk in warm water, do not forget to change water as soon as it cools down. Under a stream of warm water from the crane milk will be defrozen most quicker. Never defreeze breast milk in the microwave oven - it will destroy all useful properties. Also in the microwave it is impossible to heat capacity evenly therefore there is a danger to burn the child.

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