Whether it is possible to get a haircut at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to get a haircut at pregnancy

Expectations of the kid — one of the happiest and, at the same time, the disturbing periods in the woman's life. For this reason pregnancy surrounds a huge number of myths and superstitions.


Everyone solves itself what to trust it in. Someone very much shows consideration for various superstitions and finds to them daily confirmations. Someone, on the contrary, considers that it is possible to trust only the evidence-based facts. Nevertheless, superstitions, as well as any legends, legends, bylinas, were strongly included into everyday life.

Future mothers rather often can hear that to cut hair during pregnancy inadmissibly. Why? On this question there are various answers. Long since attached to hair huge significance, considered that they store force and wisdom of generations therefore before the woman never cut hair. No matter, whether there was this waiting time of the kid or not. In later times there was an opinion that shearing hair, the woman reduces quantity of happiness in life of the long-awaited little person. According to other version — the hairstyle of hair leads to reduction of health of the child. In any interpretation the sign says that this procedure will negatively affect the most long-awaited and dearest person in the woman's life.

Therefore future mom appears in a difficult situation. Even the person not superstitious during pregnancy becomes more sensitive to any prejudices if they concern the kid.

Scientific view

On the other hand, the woman always strives for beauty. She wants to look stylish and well-groomed, especially in the run-up to the joyful event. In terms of science, the hairstyle during pregnancy cannot influence activity of a fruit. Especially in a consequence of activity of some hormones, during this period the hair grow with the doubled speed and become more dense. However after the delivery the situation often changes in the opposite direction. Hair demand especially thorough leaving and carrying out a number of recovery procedures. Therefore the hairstyle during pregnancy not only is necessary for moral satisfaction of the woman, but also it will be useful to hair. If the woman is dissatisfied with the appearance — it causes a stress, leads to bad mood and dissatisfaction with life. All this has negative effect not only on health of future mummy, but also on her kid. It once again says that it is necessary to get a haircut during pregnancy if it is so important for the woman in order that she felt desired and beautiful. Any of numerous signs finds both the supporters, and opponents. What party in this question to choose — a personal record of everyone. The main thing that the pregnant woman felt comfortable during this important period of the life.

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