Whether it is possible to give birth to 6 children for once

Whether it is possible to give birth to 6 children for once

Pregnancy for most of women is the expected and happy event, however happens so that it is polycarpous. Most often the woman with polycarpous pregnancy gives birth to twins or triplets, but whether it is possible to give birth to six children for once?

All about polycarpous pregnancy

Polycarpous pregnancy call a state at which in a uterus at the same time develops from two and more germs. The woman's organism with polycarpous pregnancy requires to itself very close attention therefore future mother having many children has to treat it with all responsibility. She has to observe a specific mode of day and food and also to undergo prevention of possible complications. The children who were born as a result of polycarpous pregnancy are called monoovular or nonidentical twins.

Simultaneous maturing comes from two and more ova both in one, and in two female ovaries at once.

Most often several factors to which the maternal heredity and in vitro fertilization at which all ova placed in the woman's uterus take root and develop belong are the reasons of polycarpous pregnancy. Besides, polycarpous pregnancy can develop as a result of stimulation of an ovulation the hormones causing the strengthened functioning of ovaries and also at the anomalies of a uterus presented by its dvurogost or existence of an intrauterine partition. And, at last, development of two and more fruits is caused by cancellation of hormonal contraceptives after their long reception.

Six-fetal pregnancy

The most polycarpous pregnancy authentically known to doctors represented nine children, a little from which were born live, however died in the childhood. Subsequently it became known of the birth of seven and eight twins – in each case only several children drove out of pregnancy. Six Indian twins are the first children who managed to survive all.

Now in England there live two six of twins 1983 and 1986 year of birth, and two more "six" live in Italy and South Africa.

Today the birth of six children is quite possible as in recent years the quality of obstetric services and children's therapy and also the necessary medical equipment, significantly increased. Today doctors can successfully deliver the woman with polycarpous pregnancy and save the children who were born even for fourteen weeks before the term whereas before such kids and did not try to save including a situation completely hopeless.

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