Whether it is possible to give to the child about one year honey

Whether it is possible to give to the child about one year honey

Honey long since is considered one of the best national remedies. It is used inside in pure form or in other variations. Also honey is used for grindings and compresses. The usefulness of this product, undoubtedly, is high and checked by time, but for little babies the issue of advantage remains controversial.

Minuses and pluses of the consumption of honey at early age

Before making the decision on application of honey at early age, it is necessary to know what risks can be.

Minuses of application of honey:

- high degree of allergenicity; - the substances which are contained in honey can cause slight toxic poisoning of an organism of the baby and subsequently lead to an infectious disease of intestines (botulism); - causes caries, this product more than other sweets are destroyed by enamel as sticks to it and long time influences;

- the quality of a product sometimes leaves much to be desired. Really, in spite of the fact that honey one of ancient types of food, its study proceeds till today. It is waste product of bees therefore its quality is affected by the environment and ecology. Honey which existed many centuries ago and today's honey considerably differ on quality, and present – not in plus.

Pluses of application of honey: - assists in treatment of catarrhal diseases, softens mucous membranes of a throat and a nose; - it can be used as antibacterial means; - high content of vitamins: phosphorus, iron, mineral substances necessary for growth and development of a skeleton of bones; - sugar can be replaced with honey, it is easier acquired by a children's organism. - has the all-strengthening and calming effect, many children after the use for the night honey it is better to be drunk sleep.

Honey in food of the baby

Doctors do not advise to give honey to children up to three years. If in it there is no need, it is better to exclude it. Some people skeptically treat general opinion and have full authority to it. Only parents know most that is possible and it is useful for their kid. The method of tests and observations within the first months of life already develops any preferences. Many give to children honey from the cradle. If you decide to try after all, it is necessary to remember several important rules. Honey has to be qualitative, buy a product only in specialized shops or from the checked sellers. Surely read structure, in modern production can add the impurity harmful to the kid to honey. The use should be begun with small doses. The first times – trial – the minimum quantity, on a teaspoon tip. For the adult day norm of honey – one tablespoon. Therefore, the kid needs many times less. Use honey only in the medical purposes, but not for strengthening and sweetening of taste. After reception it is desirable to rinse immediately a mouth water that about one year it is rather difficult for kids to make. Try to begin consumption of honey at least since five-six months of life of the child when work of digestive system returns to normal. It is desirable to add honey to drink, porridge, but not to use in pure form. If you consider that honey is necessary for the child for health, it helps with treatment and at the same time does not cause negative reactions, then it is possible to use it.

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