Whether it is possible to have tea at pregnancy?

Whether it is possible to have tea at pregnancy?

Pregnancy – an occasion to think of what food is eaten by the woman. Even the most habitual products can influence development, health of the child and also to worsen health of future mom. Many pregnant women even prefer to refuse not only coffee, but also tea, believing that he is capable to do much harm to the kid.

After consultation at the gynecologist concerning a diet of future mother, her eating habits, pregnant women can be quiet. If it is necessary to correct the menu, then it is not cardinal. In any case, all types of tea can remain in the pregnant woman's diet. It is important to consider only as well as how many to drink the invigorating drink.

Tea and pregnancy – whether it is compatible?

Different grades of teas contain different amount of useful substances, but future mom can drink any drink at the choice. Tea is valuable to pregnant with the fact that this product strengthens enamel of teeth. White tea possesses the all-strengthening action, in green many antioxidants, and in black – phosphorus, fluorine, magnesium, potassium, vitamins of group B, C, K.

White tea contains not enough caffeine therefore it can be drunk even in large numbers. Such drink well influences a condition of skin, elasticity of vessels, it also possesses antineoplastic action. Herbal teas are useful at pregnancy, especially too – drink from hips. It will save you from colds, the value of tea consists also in wealth its iron. It is possible to take leaflets and fruits of currant, raspberry instead of a dogrose.

What tea it is possible to have and how many?

More carefully pregnant women need to be with a tea fortress. It is better to have rather weak and freshly brewed tea, giving preference to quality sheet drink. Instead of sugar it is recommended to take honey or fructose. It is necessary to have black and green tea during pregnancy with milk or cream. Future mom can indulge herself and ginger tea. This fragrant drink with a lemon and honey will help to normalize arterial blood pressure, will save from spasms and dizziness. But it is important to remember that ginger drink needs to be drunk in limited quantities – on early terms tea can cause bleeding. Will lighten the mood and camomile tea will warm the pregnant woman, however it is necessary to drink it with restrictions too – no more than one cup in two days. Drink has the calming effect, the camomile promotes digestion improvement. And mint tea excellently copes with heartburn and toxicosis, it is possible to drink it no more than 4 cups a day. It is desirable to consult with the doctor to learn what herbal teas in your situation can be drunk. It is worth buying drink only in pharmacy, it is better to give preference to single-component tea, than grass collecting. Though they are useful too, some plants are capable to provoke bleeding.

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