Whether it is possible to take a bath at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to take a bath at pregnancy

Application of a bathtub promotes removal of stresses, tension, fatigue and also perfectly lightens the mood, calms nervous system and improves blood circulation. However very often future mothers are concerned by a question of acceptance of a bathtub directly during pregnancy.

A lot of things depend on a condition of the pregnant woman, on how pregnancy proceeds whether there is no threat to an abortion, and from many other factors. Quite often experts advise to forget about acceptance of a bathtub for the next 9 months, motivating it with the fact that at this procedure there is a risk of infection or termination of pregnancy. However the science approves the return. The mucous stopper covering a neck of the uterus and amniotic liquid which surrounds a fruit reliably protect the kid from different penetration of infections. Thus, the existing opinion on the fact that the bathtub promotes penetration of pathogenic microorganisms to the child is wrong.

Regulations of Admission of a bathtub during pregnancy

Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is not contraindicated to bathe in a bathtub during pregnancy. However it is necessary to consider some precautionary measures which will help to minimize possible risks. The ladies who are in the family way should not take hot baths for that simple reason at all that they can lead to an abortion, an otsloyka of a placenta and premature birth because of sharp increase in pressure. The water temperature of 37 degrees is considered the safest.

It is necessary to remember that the bathtub is a subject quite slippery therefore for prevention of possible falling it is necessary to lay a rubber rug on a bottom of a bathtub. It is worth holding off acceptance of a bathtub in case the pregnant woman is at home as this procedure can cause deterioration in health and there is nobody will be to ask for the help in a case of a dangerous situation. Many women feel special pleasure, bathing in a bathtub with special aromodobavka. But it is necessary to approach with all responsibility the choice of essential oils. During pregnancy the application of such aromatic means as orange, a lemon, a pink tree, an eucalyptus is recommended. Use as additive oil of a basil, a thyme, cypress is strictly forbidden.

Positive action of a bathtub during pregnancy

During pregnancy the acceptance of a bathtub well influences muscles, relaxing them and also accompanies removal of the general tension. Besides, the bathtub promotes removal of puffiness in legs, facilitates pain in back area and even lowers a uterus tone. Very often ladies in situation have insomnia, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. It can be the result of sharp movements of the kid and owing to nervousness of future mom because of hormonal splash. And acceptance of a bathtub with a lavender contributes to normalization of a dream and good health. It is important to remember that pregnancy is not a disease, and in the absence of contraindications it is not necessary to lose pleasure to luxuriate in the bathroom even during this period.

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