Whether it is possible to time for conception of the boy

Whether it is possible to time for conception of the boy

All future mothers can be divided into three categories – women who want the daughter, the son and those for whom the sex of the child does not matter. There are several ways in advance to define the most favorable time for conception of boys and girls. In order that in your family there was a successor, it is necessary to pay attention to certain dates.

The moon will help to conceive the boy

Astrologers allocate certain periods of a lunar cycle which are most favorable for conception of the boy. It is considered that ideal signs in this case are Scales, Lev, the Aries, Twins, the Sagittarius and Aquarius.

It is possible to time for conception of the son according to the lunar calendar as follows. If zodiac sign of the woman – the Maiden, Cancer, the Taurus, Fishes, the Capricorn or the Scorpion, then in nine months after the planned conception, the Moon has to be in men's signs – Aquarius, Twins, the Sagittarius, the Aries, Vesa or Lev. If the woman of men's zodiac sign, then the proximity has to be planned that the child was born in a female phase of the Moon.

The sex of future child depends more on some features of an organism of the man, but not woman. The sex of the kid depends on what type of spermatozoa will appear "quicker".

Conclusions of medical experts about time of conception of boys

Pregnancy and process of conception for many decades are studied by physicians. It is considered that the most favorable period for conception of the successor is the ovulation period. At this time with much bigger probability there is a fertilization of an ovum spermatozoa to a chromosome of "Y". The period of an ovulation can be calculated according to the special calendar. Previously it is necessary to track several months dates of start and end of periods. It is better to combine such observations with daily measurement of basal temperature. During an ovulation it substantially exceeds usual indicators.

Pay attention that any way of baby gender planning cannot give a 100% guarantee of the necessary result.

It is possible to define an ovulation also by means of special tests which are on sale practically in each pharmacy. It is very simple to use them, but the most important – they give the most exact data.

Blood updating

Scientists connect result of conception of the child of the defined sex with extent of updating of blood of parents. At women this process happens once in four years, and men have every three years. To calculate whose blood younger it is very simple. Divide age of the alleged father of the child into 3, and mothers – on 4. Compare the turned-out numbers. If the man has a figure less, than at the woman, then, most likely, in this family the successor will appear.

Diet for conception of the boy

Some nutritionists recommend to eat certain food before pregnancy in advance to affect a sex of future child. For conception of the boy it is recommended more than spicy, sour, salty and fat food. Meat has to join regularly in a diet, and all used dishes to differ in nutritiousness and a sytnost.

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