Whether it is possible to walk after an inoculation

The question of inoculations sharply concerns young parents. Many children postpone a procedure without any specific reactions, however is also such for whom vaccine injection becomes serious test. Careful parents try to minimize potential risks and to protect children from complications during vaccination. The bans in day of an inoculation and several days after it can be not so much. Most often the child cannot be bathed, driven in a sauna and also to avoid physical activity. Besides, quite often there is a question whether it is possible to walk after an inoculation?

The reasons why it is impossible to walk after an inoculation?

In spite of the fact that there is no direct ban on walks from doctors, in some cases it is not recommended to walk on the street after vaccination.

The reasons can be the following:

  • The child is inclined to respiratory diseases and easily catches any viruses.
  • The child has any chronic diseases.
  • Bad weather conditions (low temperature, dampness, wind). This condition can seem obvious, however some parents adhere to the principle "to walk in any weather". Vaccination - that case when it is better to make an exception and to stay at home.
  • The child too actively moves on the street and can strongly sweat.
  • Epidemic of flu and other respiratory diseases - an occasion not only to exclude walks in day of vaccination, but also not to visit with children public places because of the increased vulnerability of an organism at all.

Recommendations how many it is impossible to walk and when it is possible to resume walks

To be reinsured, to refrain expediently from walks, at least, within a day. After that in the absence of complications it is possible to go safely with the child to the street. If you exclude all contraindications and risks listed in the previous section at favorable weather it is possible to walk right after vaccination. At the same time it is recommended to consider a number of useful tips.

If a difference between temperature in the room and on the street too big, you do not come for walk right after an inoculation. Many parents practice such approach - to walk after policlinic to calm the kid. This tactics is justified, however it is necessary not to bring the child out of the room too quickly. After visit of a procedural office sit in the medical institution hall. If it is about an inoculation for the baby, put on him 1 layer of clothes and just take on hands or feed. With more senior child it is possible to esteem and watch animated films (but not to run along corridors and to exclude other physical activity).

Your task is to wait for about half an hour in a quiet situation to exclude side effects after an inoculation. For example, in a case from vaccinal AKDS it is enough of these 20-30 minutes whether to understand, for example, the child has an allergic reaction. Besides, the baby needs time to calm down. 

During walk with the child after an inoculation fixedly watch him. In particular, the following symptoms have to guard you:

  • temperature increase (hot forehead);
  • pallor of skin;
  • nausea;
  • slackness;
  • reddening of cheeks.

If you observe one of such reactions, contact your pediatrician and take away the child home.

How to make the schedule of walks after an inoculation

That walks with the child after an inoculation had no negative consequences, you can correct the habitual schedule a little. The main principle - not to leave to walk at once after the procedure.

It is recommended to take a walk with the child before vaccine injection to give it the chance to get enough sleep, take a breath or to distract. In same day it is possible to come safely for the second walk in the late afternoon if you do not note any strangenesses in behavior or health of the child.

Next day after an inoculation it is possible to renew the habitual schedule of walks.

Whether it is possible to walk with the child at a temperature after an inoculation?

Temperature increase is quite possible after a privika. It can be norm option within a day on condition of not too high rates (up to 38.5) and positive dynamics of therapy febrifugal means. It is necessary to understand that in this case this is not about a disease therefore the increased temperature is not an absolute occasion to exclude walks. Especially, if you live in favorable climate, and on the street good weather. Moreover, sea, mountain or forest air in warm season will promote the best restoration after vaccination. In such favorable conditions it is possible to walk after an inoculation, however try that the child slept during walk in the fresh air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team