Whether it is possible to walk with the child during cold

Whether it is possible to walk with the child during cold

It is difficult to find such child who never had cold. Some children in such state want to remain longer in a bed, are capricious and do not show any activity. Others can demand walks, saying that in the fresh air it becomes easier for them. But whether it is possible to walk with the child during cold? Whether it will do much harm to a children's organism?

Situations when it is forbidden to come for walk with the child during cold

Trying to understand whether it is possible to walk on the street with the child having cold (ORVI/ORZ) it is necessary to pay attention to two moments:

  • climatic conditions;
  • condition of the kid.

It is not recommended to make walks in the fresh air at cold if on the street it is very windy, there is any precipitation (rain, snow, a drizzle). At a strong heat – it is higher than +25 degrees – and at a frost – air temperature lower than-8 is better the house with the kid not to leave. Similar climatic conditions can do much harm to a sick children's organism. During cold of heat and the sun are very hard transferred even by adults. The frost can provoke strong overcooling that is inadmissible in the period of cold.

When ORVI/ORZ is at an initial stage and is followed by numerous symptoms among which the child has an increased body temperature, – even very short – it is worth refraining from walk. The condition of a general malaise, slackness, drowsiness, breakdown, a headache – at such manifestations is better to take the child of the house, to provide it heat and rest. However even in the presence of temperature at the kid it is necessary not to forget to air rooms in the apartment, but to watch that the child was not on a draft. The stream of fresh air will accelerate recovery, will save from the microbes which accumulated in the room. Besides in the aired room it is easier to breathe, closeness can aggravate health, cause still big weakness and a sharp headache.

It is not necessary to walk on the street with the child during cold if the kid complains of any unpleasant feelings in a stomach. Pain, a diarrhea, nausea and vomiting – these symptoms become the direct bans for an exit to the street. One more ban – too severe, "barking" cough.

It is carefully necessary to come for walk if the child is forced to take any strong drugs against ORVI/ORZ. They can cause different side effects.

Advantage of walk in the fresh air at cold

When the sharp stage of a disease is passed, the kid feels more or less normally, and climatic conditions look stable, it is possible to try to leave to walk.

Fresh air accelerates process of recovery at cold. During slow walk the organism of the child is saturated with oxygen, at the same time the phlegm is diluted that leads to easier expectoration, saves from congestion of a nose at cold. In addition on air the head can cease to hurt and in general the general health of the sick child is capable to improve. If at the child with cold on the street the cough became aggravated or strongly the nose began to flow, it is not a reason for panic. However when the child who did not recover up to the end becomes very sluggish, complains of fatigue and an indisposition, it is necessary to go quicker home.

Important recommendations

  • If the child overstayed any amount of time of the house, to go at once to the street you should not take a walk. It is better to begin with an exit to a balcony. So the child will be able safely to breathe fresh air, and parents will be able to track in a quiet situation health of the child.
  • Duration of walks during cold should not exceed half an hour. At the same time it is necessary to refuse active games, visit of any entertaining places and actions. It is recommended to resemble slowly with the child in the park or to sit on a shop.
  • At cold it is possible to walk with the child up to 4-5 times a day if forces and climatic conditions allow.
  • Going outside, it is necessary to leave open that rooms were properly aired in the apartment of a window.
  • You should not warm very strongly the kid, going to the street. Overheating is also dangerous at ORVI/ORZ, as well as overcooling. In too warm clothes the child can quickly sweat that will lead to repeated symptomatology of cold. Therefore it is necessary to put on on walk, proceeding from weather conditions, without fanaticism.
  • Being on the street, it is necessary to check temperature of a nose, forehead and the child's hands from time to time. The forehead should not be too hot. Hands and a nose have to remain always warm. At any changes it is better to go home. Also the increased perspiration of the child is the cause for return to the apartment.
  • It is better to walk at cold with the child near the house. At the same time it is recommended to avoid public transport and places with a big congestion of people. It is also important to protect the sick child from contact with peers not to extend an infection among children.
  • At any doubts in health and process of recovery it is necessary to address for consultation the pediatrician.
  • Before an exit to the street it is not recommended to give to the kid any drugs, you should not carry out any serious medical procedures. However it is necessary that the child well blew the nose a nose and cleared the throat.
  • Having come back home from walk, it is necessary to wash, wash up well hands, to clean a nose, to rinse a throat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team