Whether it is possible to wrap up the baby with a warm sheet

Whether it is possible to wrap up the baby with a warm sheet

Thermal control of the baby is developed not as at the adult. Therefore newborn children cannot independently be protected from low or high temperature. Very often young parents wrap up the kid with a warm sheet, however it is necessary to know that overheating is not less dangerous, than overcooling.

Whether it is necessary to wrap up the newborn child?

When the kid grows and develops in mother's womb, he constantly is in temperature, comfortable for himself. But when the child is born - he is forced to adapt to changes of temperature surrounding it therefore overheating or overcooling can happen much quicker, than at the adult.

Most often grandmothers are ardent supporters of an ukutyvaniye of kids. They consider that so remains are in complete security. Actually the ukutyvaniye can be very dangerous as as a result of temperature increase under a warm sheet, intensive heat generation exceeds a thermolysis and as a result breath at the child can be at a loss.

Besides, strong sweating of the kid can promote even to organism dehydration. In addition, with then the organism of the baby is left by the mineral salts (potassium, sodium) necessary for its growth and development. Overheating of an organism can promote also appearance of rash and gnoynichok on the child's skin, and sometimes even to temperature increase of a body. It is important to note that when overheating a young organism, development of the immune system stops. Therefore it is necessary to show consideration very much for the child's ukutyvaniye, especially in a warm sheet. Instead it is better to swaddle the child in a flannel diaper (at the air temperature of 22 degrees), it is possible to put on a thin baby's undershirt a body. It is necessary to dress the baby slightly more warmly than, that is if on the adult one jacket is put on, then it is necessary to put two on the child.

How to define whether the baby overheated?

To define whether the newborn child, simply overheated. For this purpose it is necessary to touch its ears and fingers. If they are hot, damp and red, then it means that the baby is wrapped too up. If they slightly warm and not sweaty then the body temperature of the kid is normal. At newborn children the metabolism occurs quicker, than at adults therefore to kids it is not cold at all, to them is even much warmer, than to parents. To check, the kid froze or not, it is enough to touch the child's neck behind. If a neck warm, then and to the child it is not cold. It is also necessary to notice if at the kid cold handles, legs, a nose, then it is not an indicator that the child froze yet. So, if the child was born in time, has good weight, then it is possible to wrap up it, but it is not always necessary.

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