Whether it is useful to drink pair milk?

Whether it is useful to drink pair milk?

It is considered that pair milk – a thing very useful. In it all natural, live and such product will definitely not be injurious to health. It turns out, pair milk is better store. And you are sure of it?

About advantage of milk

Let's begin with the fact that milk – a product already in itself very useful. In it there is a lot of calcium, protein and vitamins, valuable to person. It is vitamin A, group B vitamins, RR vitamin and valuable minerals. Milk is rich with amino acids and contains lactose – the protein taking active part in digestive and exchange processes of a human body.

It should be noted that the lion's share of all useful components of milk remains also after its heat treatment if it is correct to make it. Milk, boiled on a plate, really, loses vitamins, but at pasteurization which takes place in industrial conditions, milk heats up and cools down very quickly. The technology is calculated on destroying pathogenic microflora, but to keep all useful.

Danger of pair milk

Whether pair milk "at once from under a cow" much more usefully than usual store is valid? You are surprised, but the answer will not. The fact is that the cow in the village whatever clean and favourite it was can be the hidden bearer of various diseases which causative agents get into milk. The most widespread – mastitis (inflammation of a mammary gland). Often mastitis can pass in the latent form and not be reflected in a condition of a cow in any way. Without analyses and survey of the veterinarian owners can even not suspect about it. The cow having mastitis produces the milk containing a large number of somatic cages and leukocytes. They are already present at milk at the time of milking, and in 2-3 hours after it their quantity increases several times. Add to it unknown conditions of milking. Whether the dear granny washed that sits in the market, hands and a bucket before milking, nobody knows. Would you begin to give such milk to the child? Doctors and veterinarians meet in one – the checked by clinical trials, store milk in all cases is better and safer than what you can directly drink from under a cow. The exception makes that case when the cow and her owners are personally familiar to you and you know for sure that the animal was examined by the veterinarian and it is healthy.

Advantage of pair milk

To be fair, it is worth noticing that it is really very useful to drink the quality pair milk which is milked dry under normal sanitary conditions and from a healthy cow. The first 30 minutes after milking at such milk there is a huge amount of the immunostimulating substances. And in it it is really more vitamins, and taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team