Whether it is worth teaching children to gamblings

Whether it is worth teaching children to gamblings

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One of fascinating types of leisure for the company are gamblings. Gamblings in poker, the fool, a roulette, disputes on money, gaming machines – are many ways to check the luck and game talent. Many parents forbid the children to gamble, motivating it with an opportunity to become addicted to a game, to become dependent. However the games allowing to receive an adrenaline share are not always the absolute evil. They are capable to develop sharpness, attention to details, form self-confidence.

Gamblings – not only a pleasant way to spend free time. Most often to children adults suggest to participate in gambling. And the western teachers advise not only not to refuse to offsprings joint games in cards, but also to stimulate such interest, to learn to play. For this purpose there are several reasons.

Gamblings and children

Gamblings possess the developing comprehensive action. They stimulate awakening in children of mathematical abilities. At the same time the child needs to monitor reactions of players, to foresee their courses beforehand. Also cards help to make quickly the decision and to be guided in unusual situations. In other words, gamblings – an opportunity to lose some life situations.

Can tell several symptoms about game dependence of the child – a sleep disorder, loss of appetite, decrease in interest in communication with peers, loss of money or valuable things.

Gamblings allow to teach children to lose correctly – with advantage, without tears and offenses. In family it is possible to play even poker to explain to the child of the rule of the game if to allot to this type of pastime only couple of evenings a month or less, the probability of addiction of children to gamblings will be minimum. Remember that the forbidden fruit for the child is always sweet therefore it is better to slightly open a sacrament veil over gamblings in a circle of relatives, than to allow to get acquainted to the teenager with poker or casino in the doubtful company.

How to protect the child from game dependence

Gamblings live with money and interest. Of course, for children – especially younger age – it is better to get acquainted with games which stimulate simple desire to win. In consciousness of most of people the gamblings are not connected with something vicious, it is only a way to pass away time among the friends. And it is really possible to play them family in the evenings.

To develop attentiveness, memory and other abilities will help also "safe" games: chess, "Monopoly", Skrebbl, lotto.

Ludomaniya, or the game addiction connected with gaming machines, a roulette and other gamblings in casino quite often causes loss of reality in the person. Such games practically do not bear any advantage for children's development, on the contrary, they can influence formation of behavior model at the little person. In many respects the relation to gamblings at the child is formed proceeding from reaction of the parent. Therefore at emergence of the first interest at the son or the daughter in this aspect of life it is necessary to explain most fully and correctly how it is important to divide games and reality. It is worth placing emphasis that a game is minor.

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