Whether nonalcoholic beer is possible for the feeding women?

Whether nonalcoholic beer is possible for the feeding women?

The feeding mom cares for the kid and therefore alcohol for her under a ban. But we exist the myth that beer well influences a lactation and shops tease with huge amount of nonalcoholic beer. So, maybe, it is really capable to increase amount of milk, and it is authorized to mothers?

Upon, there is no research which would prove advantage of beer for a lactation. Though it also contains various substances which are capable to influence development of milk, but not the fact that influence it will be beneficial. In fact, beer has no magic properties, and feeling that milk became more, mozhetbyt is caused by expansion of vessels and relaxation of lacteal channels which are a consequence of receiving pleasure from darling, but "forbidden" drink.

There are cases when young mom who did not love beer earlier after the delivery suddenly has desire to drink it. It happens first of all because of a pleasant grain smell which is possessed by products with B1 and B2 vitamins, D2. They are very useful – restore forces and a metabolism, improve a tone of skin and vessels, strengthen teeth and bones. Only nevertheless contains in their beer very little. Therefore if the feeding mom wanted to reconsider better than beer a diet and to add to it vegetables, wholly grain bread, meat, bran and fermented milk products.

Nonalcoholic beer contains 0.5-1.5% of alcohol. And even this small amount can do more harm, than advantage of those remains of vitamins that contain in beer. Besides in shops in the majority beer of long storage is presented, and it contains preservatives and fragrances. They are harmful in itself and nullify any advantage at all. If several drinks of nonalcoholic beer can bring to young mummy pleasure, in principle she can afford them. But then it is necessary to follow some rules. First of all, you have to know for certain that the kid has no allergy to hop and other components of beer. Without harm for health of the child the feeding mom is able to afford at most a half-liter of nonalcoholic beer, but provided that the child is already 3 months old when intestines can already perform the function of filtration. The glass of beer with the small content of alcohol, that is up to 6% will be brought out of an organism in one or one and a half hours. Therefore it is worth feeding the child before you intend to drink, and to carry out the following feeding only through the put time. And at last, consumption of beer should not be frequent and especially systematic! Sometimes better to say "no" to the desires in favor of health of the kid and the health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team