Whether parents can become friends to the children

Whether parents can become friends to the children

Each parent respecting himself dreams not only of a role of mom/dad, but also a role of the friend for the child, however not all have any idea of how to achieve it.

Types of parents

Today allocate several types of parents – the parents sponsoring the child and the parents urging the child to be responsible.


The parents sponsoring the child are not trustees in habitual understanding of this word. They do not run around it and do not wipe to it a snivel at each sneeze. They try to take its time with circles, sections, and try a maximum of time to carry out with the child, without understanding that than he becomes more senior, especially independent it has to be.

Such parents interfere with the child's life, with the relations with schoolmates and friends, define that for it it is good and that it is bad. At everything at the same time they do not think that such manner of education creates the uncertain person who in the future will not be able independently to make decisions. Also the child who was brought up in this way, will not think of consequences of the decisions.

Giving freedom

The second type of parents are parents who try to impart as soon as possible to the child sense of responsibility and independence. Therefore they try to expand limits of possible responsibility of the child. They do not impose to the child of the decisions. They try to make so that the child understood – he has to choose circles, proceeding from the tastes and preferences.

How to become for the child the friend: several rules

  • Very first and main what it is necessary to remember – it is impossible to support the party of the child or school in disputable situations. That is the correct parent friend has to act as the judge, without accepting any of the parties.
  • It is impossible to criticize the child because of laziness at all. As show recently conducted researches, lazy children simply do not exist. Therefore if the child is lazy or refuses something, it is necessary to define a cause of failure. Who knows, maybe, at the child deficiency of attention. In that case the child will do something only together with the parent.
  • Also it is impossible to react to poor progress or bad notes negatively. Here too it is necessary to understand the reasons of bad progress for a start. It is quite possible that the child needs some help in objects. Perhaps, the child cannot find a common language with the teacher.
  • One more moment – it is necessary to help the child with homeworks and to help it to pack a backpack.
  • And the last, but very significant moment – it is impossible to compare the child to other children!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team