Whether pregnant women can apply a pepper plaster

Whether pregnant women can apply a pepper plaster

It is known that many medicines during pregnancy are contraindicated. Therefore at the first symptoms of cold or any other disease there is a set of questions of by what to be treated.

Application of a pepper plaster is quite widespread therefore it is worth understanding how it works and what contraindications for pregnant women exist.

Pepper plaster - what is it?

The pepper plaster is a simple rubber plaster which is impregnated with extract of siliculose pepper. Cotton or linen fabric, and a sticky layer – rubber glue forms a basis for it. Active ingredient of a plaster is kapsin which contains in essential oil of pepper. Substances from a plaster do not get to blood, and act only on local level. Kapsin renders local irritative (therefore, and anesthetic) and the warming-up action on skin. At the expense of it there is a stimulation of blood circulation in the place of imposing of a plaster.

Application of a pepper plaster

Due to all its effects he received big distribution at treatment of various illnesses. Warming up of a breast and back at cold does well. It is also possible to facilitate cold and cough. At back and joints pains distracts from the inflammation center, thereby, there is an anesthesia. Monevrita, neuralgia, painful spasms of muscles are indications to use of a pepper plaster too.

The pepper plaster should be pasted on previously prepared surface. The site of skin is washed out and degreased for the best coupling with a plaster.


Contraindications to use are not enough therefore all can practically use such plaster. Contraindications: - individual intolerance (happens very seldom); - to children of early age, approximately yes 1-2 x years it is not necessary to apply as they have very sensitive skin, the probability of receiving a burn is high; - injuries of skin on the place of drawing; - some diseases of skin.

Pregnancy is a contraindication?

About application of a pepper plaster during pregnancy there is no consensus. Substances do not get into blood therefore you should not be afraid of it harm. Can do only the warming effect. At pregnancy the application of a plaster, but only not in lumbar area as the abortion can provoke strengthenings of blood circulation and temperature increase is possible. And if so there is a threat of an abortion, it is better to manage other means.

Today there are many alternatives, for example, the anesthetizing plaster of "Nanoplast" and "Ketonal Termo".

At pregnancy it is better not to risk and not to use all that can do much harm to the course of pregnancy, without indications, special on that. But if other means do not help and not to do without application of a pepper plaster, then it is possible, but only after permission of the attending physician and at observance of all security measures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team