Whether pregnant women can drink sparkling water

Whether pregnant women can drink sparkling water

During pregnancy the woman has a serious reorganization of an organism, sometimes flavoring addictions wonderfully change. In family the real fights between the senior generation and "unreasonable" youth concerning usefulness of any given product for future mom quite often run high.

It is better to forget about sparkling water

Sparkling water – one of products causing a fierce controversy. To drink or not to drink so? Definite answer – about this drink even if it is among darlings, for the period of pregnancy it is better to forget. The reasons of it exists a little.

Carbon dioxide which contains in drink concentrates gases in intestines, because of it the meteorizm develops that leads to developing of heartburn and to severe pains in a stomach.

For the correct development of a fruit, calcium is necessary for formation of his skeletal and cardiovascular system. The fruit actively uses calcium, receiving it from mother's organism. Not without reason during incubation of the child some women have problems with teeth, there is an ache in joints, and sparkling water simply washes away calcium from an organism. It is fraught that at the child already in a womb of mother the osteoporosis – fragility of bones begins to develop. Sweet carbonated drinks contain many preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers, sweeteners and acids. Producers do it for improvement of taste and a product of an attractive type. However, all these additives are harmful to mucous a stomach.

Besides, carbonated drinks very much of a kaloriyna, at future mom can arise problems with excessive weight.

Sparkling water can cause hypostases because compounds of chlorine which detain liquid in an organism are its part, from what arterial blood pressure can increase. Almost at all sparkling water there is well-known E211 – benzonat sodium. It already not in the best way influences a liver, and reacting with acid, turns into the most dangerous carcinogen. Think whether it is worth risking health of future child?

And how about mineral water?

Carbonated mineral water, though not such tasty and bright, likewise negatively influences an organism of the pregnant woman. So, it is necessary to refuse also it. Why to you already during the hard period of life excess problems? However it is possible to drink the table not aerated mineral water and it is even necessary, especially rich with magnesium, potassium and sodium. Attentively study the label before buying drink.

Abstention from carbonated drinks and during feeding of the child a breast is desirable.

Sometimes pregnant women have an insuperable desire to eat or drink something "forbidden". Of course, in small doses it will hardly do huge harm, but also in these exceptional cases it is impossible to follow the tastes of a national saying: "If it is impossible, but there is a strong wish, so it is possible". Therefore if a wish arose so that there are no forces to oppose to desire, produce all gas from drink and a little bit drink. Always you remember that you now two that you are responsible for future kid. What is harmful to you, is twice harmful to him. For the sake of health of the child it is possible to subdue the desires several!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team