Whether pregnant women can go to the cemetery

Whether pregnant women can go to the cemetery

In spite of the fact that outside the 21st century and surrounding society is considered educated, many all the same trust in signs. The special, strongest belief is gained by women in the family way. It is quite often possible to hear that pregnant women cannot go to the cemetery. But why it is impossible not everyone will answer.

Why pregnant women cannot go to the cemetery from the filosovsky point of view

The science philosophy has two opinions in this respect. On the one hand, pregnancy is a new life, origin. And the cemetery is always symbolized with death, that is the end of existence. And if the pregnant woman goes on the cemetery, then there is some resonance, and, more precisely, opposition of two contrasts. On the other hand, everything in life has recurrence. And human life has the cycle which is beginning with the birth and coming to an end with death. And then the cycle is repeated anew. Therefore there is nothing badly in that the pregnant woman visited the cemetery.

Anyway, if at the woman some doubts in that are in the family way though, it is worth or not going on the cemetery, then it is better not to go. But if there was insuperable desire to visit a grave of the loved one, then why and not to descend.

Opinion of psychologists on whether pregnant women can go to the cemetery

Psychologists and doctors of other specializations do not forbid to go to pregnant women to the cemetery. The only objective reason for which you should not visit the cemetery is the stress. With care it is worth making decisions to visit the died close pregnant women with difficult pregnancy. Any the nervous tension can cause threat of pregnancy and even an abortion in such woman. Pregnancy is the period in which the woman has to get positive emotions to the maximum, and relatives have to fence the pregnant woman from a negative and experiences.

Also doctors insistently do not advise to visit the cemetery to pregnant women who endured loss recently. Even if now it seems to them that pain from loss ceased, then the cemetery can cast unpleasant and bitter emotions which as a result will cause a stressful condition of an organism.

It is impossible to force the pregnant woman to go to the cemetery at all. Especially to reproach. Even if there was a grief and the loved one died, pregnancy is weighty justification not to come to a funeral.

Opinion of church on whether the pregnant woman can go to the cemetery

Priests claim that all superstitions that the pregnant woman cannot go to the cemetery — no more than prejudices. In the Bible it is impossible to read words that pregnant women cannot go to the cemetery anywhere. Moreover, in the Sacred book it is said that to follow the dead to the grave is a duty of the family. Especially as the Christianity teaches that death — it a dream you should not be afraid of it. And when hour will come, there will be a revival. 

Visit of the cemetery is some kind of requirement of soul. There is no duty to go to graves of relatives. Especially it concerns pregnant women. 

There is also an opinion that the cemetery is a place where the powers of darkness capable to do much harm to any person live. And the pregnant woman in such place will be most vulnerable. But the church considers that all this prejudices. Even if there are certain powers of darkness, then first of all they will influence people guilty, dependent and spiritually decaying. And if the pregnant woman goes on the cemetery — it means that in her the belief is alive and nothing threatens it.

If the pregnant woman ranks herself as atheists, then especially there is no danger in the cemetery to it. She should not believe that she does not give in to a logiyesky explanation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team