Whether pregnant women can seal up teeth

Whether pregnant women can seal up teeth

Most often the toothache begins at the most unexpected moment. For its elimination it is better to see a doctor as soon as possible. But pregnant women very strongly worry about whether will damage treatment of tooth to the kid.

Reasons for the address to the stomatologist

All people need to visit regularly the stomatologist in time to estimate a condition of an oral cavity and, if necessary, to cure the beginning caries.

If the pregnant woman had a hypersensibility of teeth, unpleasant feelings at consumption of sour, sweet, cold or hot food appeared - it is a serious reason for a visit to the doctor. It is necessary to address the stomatologist and at bleeding or inflammation of gums, at the same time pregnancy term is not important.

Any inflammation is an infection source. At the same time there is intoxication of all organism. Through blood the infection can get to a fruit. Therefore treatment of painful teeth — necessary and compulsory procedure during pregnancy.

The inflamed tooth of mom is direct threat for the kid. When the baby is born, the woman will kiss it, at the same time she can transmit it infections.

Fears of pregnant women concerning dental care

Many women are sure that anesthesia which is applied by stomatologists is very hazardous to health of future child. However, doctors use modern medicines in the minimum dosage. Therefore their harm on a fruit is minimized. And it, of course, much less, than the harm and discomfort brought by the inflamed tooth.

The stress caused by pain does bigger harm to a fruit, than local anesthesia.

Besides, not any treatment demands anesthesia. At superficial caries when do not affect a nerve, it is quite possible to seal up tooth, I use local freezing in the form of spray. In certain cases for treatment of tooth it is necessary to conduct a x-ray research. It also does not pose threat for the pregnant woman. First, the dose of radiation is minimum. Secondly, radiation dot is also directed only to area of tooth. Thirdly, the stomach and a breast of the woman protects a special apron. Removal of teeth — difficult and rather disease process. Besides, often similar intervention leads to temperature increase of a body and demands acceptance of antibiotics. Therefore if it is possible to put removal of tooth away for later, then pregnant women are tried to be protected from similar operation.

The teeth whitening is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Time, most favorable for dental care, is the second trimester of pregnancy, i.e. 14-27 weeks. At the first stages of development of a fruit there is laying of all necessary bodies therefore all medical interventions are undesirable. There is an opinion that during pregnancy and childbirth the teeth very strongly spoil. It's not true. It is necessary to visit the stomatologist in time, to include fruit, vegetables and dairy products in a daily diet and also to accept vitamins. Then such important period as pregnancy, will not remind in the future of itself decayed teeth.

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