Whether rotary wheels in a carriage are necessary

Whether rotary wheels in a carriage are necessary

To emergence in family of the kid it is necessary to get things which will precisely be necessary from the very first days. Which necessity it is necessary to approach the choice especially carefully, the baby carriage is.

About the choice of a baby carriage

Most of mummies, choosing a carriage consider a set of criteria. For a start it is necessary to be defined what model you are going to get: a carriage cradle, a transformer two-water or the carriage uniting a cradle, the walking block and a car seat. After that it is necessary to decide on desirable material and color scale of a carriage. Important, and can even the basic, selection criterion is the system of wheels of a baby carriage.

Surely consider the fact that width between back wheels at carriages of various models can differ. Therefore before purchase measure width of doors in the elevator that the carriage was located in it.

Rotary wheels of a baby carriage

Wheels have to be rather big and make 25-30 cm in the diameter. It is connected with the fact that big wheels I have the best passability. It is not always necessary to roll a baby carriage on the clean flat sidewalk. It is necessary to consider roughnesses on the road, deep sand or friable snow which to overcome on a carriage with small wheels rather hard. Modern models of carriages are equipped with wheels with the rotary mechanism. It can be installed only on front wheels or at once on two axes. Often wheels in such carriages can be blocked, thus they are fixed and work as in classical option. The rotary mechanism significantly increases maneuverability of a carriage and management of it. On the flat road it goes so easily that it is possible to roll it one hand. Carriage weight at the same time is not felt at all and not felt. While in case of fixing of wheels for the fact that to turn a carriage it is necessary to lift completely it, having transferred weight to back wheels.

Rotary wheels allow to make long walks with the child, without causing the fragile woman of the problems connected with weight of a carriage, especially if walks are made on sidewalks.

Minus of the rotary mechanism is that such wheels rather badly go on deep snow or dirt since they "dangle" in different directions. However it is easy to solve this problem, having recorded wheels before more suitable weather conditions. Carriages are three-wheeled and four-wheel to rotary wheels. Three-wheeled carriages are less steady, but maneuver on turns easier. Four-wheel - represent classical option of a carriage, differ in stability and quite good passability. However the choice of a carriage — a matter of taste. Someone prefers rather stylish modern and well equipped trekhkoleska, and someone has more to liking again become fashionable retrocarriages on four wheels.

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