Whether ruins the power and money of people

Whether ruins the power and money of people

Existence of money and the authorities changes the person. These things leave a big print on behavior, features of character. But their influence is not always negative, everything can go according to different scenarios.

To receive money in large numbers or to hold a management position, it is necessary to make efforts. It is necessary to learn very much, to become the professional or the excellent expert, and all this changes the attitudes towards people, events and resources. For those who did not pass this way who did not seek to develop transformation seems very considerable, and very often negative.

Way to the purpose

Each person can live better. Opportunities exist in life of any person, but that to use them, it is necessary to do something. Usually laborious work, a responsible attitude to life and ability it is correct to estimate circumstances yield result. At the same time there is no time left for nonsenses, there is no desire to spend hours, money for unnecessary affairs, there is no wish to help someone gratuitously. The person sets the purpose and goes to it, everything that does not help to move, is swept aside. From outside it seems to people that there were negative changes, there is no more former keenness, attentiveness, division of problems with them, but it only on the one hand.

Aspiring understands that it is necessary for it, and goes without looking back. It forms the new principles of life which help to strengthen the position which give financial stability and the chance to achieve bigger. And at the same time desire to listen to someone else's complaints, to speak about trifles and just to spend time without concrete occupation vanishes. The person develops, and from lower positions it seems that he becomes more stale and ruthless.

Minuses of the power and money

Possession of means makes the personality very attractive for others. Friends, relatives, acquaintances constantly ask for help. At the same time they cannot often pay service, consider that they have to help them just like that. Such applicants there are hundreds, to help everyone — it means to take away from itself time and other reserves which could be increased. And if at the beginning of people agrees to give a hand, then when there is too much applicants, it refuses. And again, from a position addressed it seems that the person changed that money and the power spoiled him, but it just correctly uses the circumstances, and understands that it cannot be spent for all. It is impossible to help everyone, to enter a situation of each acquaintance it will not turn out. For example, the person became a head in the company if he makes to everyone concessions if employees begin to be late, not to come to work or to do not qualitatively work, the company to be ruined. He is not able to allow people, even very close, to behave anyhow. But it does not mean that its severity and insistence are a sign that it is spoiled by the power. It only the ability is correct to direct circumstances. The power and money can show negative sides of the person, but it happens to a thicket when situation and income is not earned, and comes as a gift from other people. Then people will sometimes put on airs, behave haughty. But it is rather exceptions, than governed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team