Whether sugar is necessary to children

Whether sugar is necessary to children

Sugar is necessary for the correct functioning of an organism, glucose participates in processes of a metabolism, improves work of a brain. It is very important that children received enough sugar which contains in the natural form in many products. But sweets with the refined sugar are harmful to a children's organism.

All children love sweet, the sweet taste signals an organism that in a product there are a lot of carbohydrates which are quickly acquired and give a lot of energy. The nature suited receptors of the person so that he liked taste of fruit, honey and other sweet products. But it did not provide that over time the person will learn to receive sugar in pure form. Products with the refined sugar in structure are far not so useful as fruit. Moreover, in large numbers they do to an organism harm, break a metabolism, lead to development of serious diseases, cause fat deposits.

Therefore the answer to a question whether sugar is necessary to children, will be ambiguous: the child surely needs sugar, but only such which contains in useful products. And the refined sugar as a part of candies, cakes, ice cream or jam is harmful to children as well as adults. And if completely it is impossible to exclude these products, then it is desirable to reduce their consumption to a minimum.

Doctors do not recommend to give products with sugar to babies up to one year.

Useful sugar for children

Sugar contains in many products: fruit, dried fruits, vegetables, honey, nuts. At one-year-old age such food not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to give to children that the organism received necessary amount of glucose. Bananas, grapes, pears, a kiwi and other fruit incorporate a large amount of useful substances. It is possible to sweeten porridge or other dishes with honey, raisin or pieces of dried fruits. Be not afraid of the fact that such food will seem to the child insufficiently sweet – if he did not eat still products with clean sugar in structure, that is did not get used to too saturated sweet taste, then natural sweeteners will be to the taste to it.

Hematogen – one more useful sweet, this bar contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral substances and also iron which increases hemoglobin level in blood.

What sweets harmfully are to children

All products with the refined sugar in structure are not necessary for a human body, the amount of glucose in them is so high that is excessive and leads to metabolic disorders and appearance of caries. Sweets prevent to be acquired to necessary vitamins and mineral substances at children's age, they lead to emergence of excess weight, diseases of digestive tract and diabetes. Therefore children are not recommended to give chocolate, candies, cakes, jam, cookies and similar sweets.

Several decades ago caries at the three- or four-year-old child was considered as an exceptional case, this widespread disease at children today.

There is an opinion that such diet too strict for the child, but if to give to children enough fruit, honey and other useful and sweet products and as it is possible later to allow it to eat something from harmful products, then you with surprise will see that the kid gorges on only one candy and even considers it too sweet. Sugar causes accustoming to luscious taste, and the more sweet to give to children, the more they want more, and the less sweet other products seem.

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