Whether the arena is necessary to the child

Every month your child grows up and becomes more active. He starts anew to turn over, then to sit down and rise. The bed has to be perceived by the child as the place for a dream, but not for a game. And to leave the bright kid unguarded on a floor or on a sofa, even for a couple of minutes, dangerously. The arena will help to solve this problem.

Arena for the kid

For the kid the arena becomes new space which he can master. In an arena many toys are located. The child with pleasure will take the old friends there and will be glad to new toys. Many models are equipped with special rings, keeping for which the baby learns to rise and sit down. In mesh walls it is safer to fall, unlike rigid boards of a bed which can become the cause of a trauma. It is difficult to drop out or get out of an arena without assistance. It is possible to be in it near mom, for example, in kitchen while mom prepares, but not to remain to one in a bed.

But at the same time, the arena is very limited space. Long stay in it can interfere with development of the baby which is already able to creep or go well. Even if the child quietly plays and is not capricious, you should not leave him there longer, than it is really necessary for you.

Not each child agrees to spend time in an arena. Some children long time can occupy themselves, creep, rise, play, throw out toys for a side and demand them back. Others express loud indignation in any attempts to place them in an arena and do not agree to spend in it even minute. Then this piece of furniture quickly turns into a big basket for toys or neglazheny linen.

Whether it will be pleasant to your son or your daughter the new place for games cannot be predicted in advance. If your child plays with pleasure in a bed at least 20 minutes and remains quiet when mom leaves the room, perhaps also the arena will be to the taste to it. If your baby spends the most part of time on hands at parents and cries as soon as she loses sight of adults, it is better to refuse purchase.

Arena for mom

If mom with the child is at home the whole day one, without assistants, the arena can become for her real rescue. To wash the floors or to quietly drink tea, to stroke things of the kid or to glance in the Internet, to make a lunch or to make lessons with the senior child - free minutes are necessary for mom of the kid. If the first months the baby sleeps much, with age the daytime sleep becomes shorter. Mom can be in one room with the child and go about the own business while the baby plays in an arena. Folding arenas easily move from the room to the room and are established where they are necessary. Mom can even leave for several minutes the room, knowing that the child in safety. In shops a huge number of various models of arenas is presented, and it is possible to pick up suitable adaptation for functions and the budget without effort. The compact folding mesh arena is suitable for the city apartment when there is a need to transfer an arena from the room to the room. The folding wooden design is used when it is necessary to fence a part of the room for the kid. The bed arena is ideal for dachas and travel. And the cheerful inflatable arena will present many happy minutes to the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team