Whether the bandage at a uterus hyper tone will help during pregnancy

Whether the bandage at a uterus hyper tone will help during pregnancy

The uterus tone during pregnancy can bring to future mom many unpleasant feelings. The bandage supports a uterus therefore muscles relax. But to eliminate a hyper tone, carrying a bandage, as a rule, happens insufficiently.

Uterus hyper tone at pregnancy and the reasons of its emergence

Muscles of a uterus have property to strain and relax periodically. When they throughout long time are in a condition of tension, it is not norm any more. Such phenomenon is called a hyper tone. Periodically much should face it pregnant women to women.

During tension of muscles future mothers can feel pain in the lower part of a stomach, becomes frequent a stomach at the same time firm as a stone. Besides that this state causes a lot of unpleasant feelings, it is quite dangerous. The hyper tone can become the reason of premature birth. At early stages of pregnancy it creates threat of its spontaneous interruption.

The shortage of salts of magnesium in an organism, overfatigue, a stress, heavy physical activities can become the cause of a hyper tone.

Whether the uterus hyper tone helps to remove a bandage

Carrying a bandage during pregnancy helps to solve many problems. But before getting it, it is desirable to consult to the gynecologist. In certain cases it is not recommended to carry it. The bandage helps to remove the uterus stress as it supports a tummy, without allowing muscles to strain during active walking or other types of physical activities. It also allows to unload a backbone. At the same time it is necessary to understand that by means of carrying a bandage it is possible to eliminate only an ill-defined hyper tone which reason tension of muscles connected with the shift of the center of gravity and also active physical activities is. In most cases to a problem of elimination of a hyper tone an integrated approach is required. At this pathology along with carrying a bandage the pregnant women need to accept spasmolysants. Only the doctor can appoint them. The expert will surely specify the schedule of reception and a dosage of medicine. If the tone is a consequence of deficiency of magnesium in an organism, the woman needs to take the drugs supporting him salts. In this case the bandage cannot help to get rid of manifestations of a hyper tone in any way. But it does not mean at all that it is not necessary to carry it. The bandage needs to be selected strictly for the size and to use it correctly. It should not be excessively close, squeeze internals and hold down the movement. At a tension of smooth muscles of a uterus it is necessary to lie down immediately on a sofa or a bed and to relax. If the nervous stress is the reason of such state, it is necessary to try to calm down and think of the health and health of future kid.

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