Whether the child can process a wound hydrogen peroxide

Whether the child can process a wound hydrogen peroxide

The physical activity of children in most cases is followed by various injuries. Most often it is bruises, cuts, violation of integrity of an integument. The wound needs to be treated disinfectant to which also hydrogen peroxide belongs.

What is hydrogen peroxide

Medicine from group of anti-septic tanks, peroxide (or peroxide) hydrogen has the disinfecting and deodorizing effect. In medicine peroxide of hydrogen is used in the form of 3% solution. Do them washings and rinsings at a tonsillitis, stomatitis, gynecologic diseases. As disinfectant peroxide of hydrogen is used for washing of fresh wounds.

Liquid is poured around and in a wound then there is a reaction to characteristic hissing and release of grayish foam. It is possible to use peroxide for processing of wounds at children. However, its influence causes not really pleasant, painful tingling in the child. Is quite good antiseptics which will not pinch, it is a chlorhexidina biglyukonat. It is used for processing of wounds at absolutely small children. Children are more senior calmly treat both hydrogen peroxide, and brilliant green therefore it is possible to process wounds both that, and another.

How to process a wound to the child

The first that needs to be made – to wash out a wound. And it is not recommended to do it by usual water, it is so possible to bring an infection, and just it and needs to be avoided. If around a wound there are pollution, try to remove them with boiled water with laundry soap. At the same time it is important not to concern the wound. Directly the wound is treated by an anti-septic tank – chlorhexidiny or hydrogen peroxide. It is also possible to use for washing of a wound weak solution of potassium permanganate or Furacilin. After washing it is necessary to remove with peroxide of hydrogen accurately formed grayish foam, and then to treat the wound an anti-septic tank. For the child it is the most unpleasant moment because antiseptics can strongly "be pinched" so make sure that the kid will not escape and try to calm him. In quality antiseptics it is possible to use alcohol or spirit solutions of brilliant green and a fukortsin. Iodine does not recommend to process a wound, it can burn the damaged fabric therefore it is given only on edges wounds, watching that it did not get inside. Such medicines as Eplan, tea tree oil and Rescuer balm give good disinfecting effect. In marching conditions there can be also it that the child was wounded, and there are no anti-septic tanks near at hand. In this case it is possible to make strong solution of table salt (a tablespoon on a glass of water), to moisten in it pure fabric and to put to a wound.

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