Whether the child needs to observe a day regimen about one year

Whether the child needs to observe a day regimen about one year

It is very important to observe a day regimen for development of the healthy child since childhood and to teenage age. During the period from the birth about one year the child grows especially quickly, and the mode of a dream, rest and food in a year changes several times. To young mom and other adults who care for the kid besides observance of the general recommendations and councils of the pediatrician, it is necessary to watch carefully the child, to consider his individual requirements and it is obligatory to listen to own intuition.

It is necessary to observe a day regimen to children at any age, starting with baby and to teenage. The main feature of a daily routine of children about one year is its variability, dependence on the schedule of a dream and feedings which in the first year of life of the child changes several times. Kids about one year, especially at children on breastfeeding, can have a flexible mode: the dream duration, time of feeding can be displaced for half an hour-hour if in day the child has a sleep less, he will have a sleep in more evening or at night.

Due to the lack of precise rules of observance of a day regimen at children about one year, inexperienced parents can not pay it enough attention that will adversely affect the child and will complicate life the adult. The kid gets used to a certain sequence of events, a dream, feedings, walks and at violation of this schedule becomes uneasy, whining, can lose appetite.

Day regimen and child's dream

In the first two months of life the kids generally sleep, waking up for half an hour-hour. They can sleep in the afternoon and be awake at night, at this time still early speak about the strict schedule. Approximately at the age of two-three months the first mode when the kid sleeps at the night of 8-10 hours and 3-4 times in the afternoon of 40 minutes till 3 o'clock is set. Approximately at the age of four months already all children sleep almost all night long and on three times in the afternoon. Transition to two daytime sleeps can happen approximately in 5-7 months, and transition to one daytime sleep happens at the age of 1-1.5 years. Time of a night and daytime sleep at each kid is individual, but it is necessary to watch closely that in the sum the child slept enough. "Norm" of a dream for the newborn is 16-18 hours and by a year decreases till 14-15 o'clock in day.

The day regimen of the child about half a year depends generally on his need for a dream, absolutely small children sleep the most part of days, and adults have to be very attentive to that the child slept well.

Dependence of the mode on introduction of a feeding up. Walks

Introduction of a food feeding up which happens usually at the age of 6 months, since one intake of additional food a day up to 3-4 times by 9 months becomes an important stage in establishment of a day regimen. The kid gets used that in the middle of the day he receives something, except milk or mix, and already waits for it. Aged 7-8 months give to the kid for the night porridge, and the child gets used to it, after dinner porridge he is full and better sleeps. Besides, evening feeding is included into a withdrawal ritual very necessary to the child to night sleep. An important part is walk, children about half a year usually on the street sleep, and walk becomes attached to one or several daytime sleeps. Closer by a year children begin to learn the world, after active walk at the child the appetite improves, it is easier for it to fall asleep. Daily walks have to take place approximately at the same time.

Since age of 6 months the day regimen of the child, besides a dream, depends on time of introduction of a feeding up and active walks.

Small children are very sensitive to all changes, the predictability of events and a stable day regimen give them a sense of security and reliability of the world around. The day regimen is absolutely necessary that the child grew healthy, quiet and inquisitive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team