Whether the child needs to treat milk teeth up to 5 years

Whether the child needs to treat milk teeth up to 5 years

Milk teeth are predecessors of constants. And, in spite of the fact that the first teeth of a vremenna, their role for an organism is important and irreplaceable. And therefore on a question of whether it is necessary to treat them, the answer will be affirmative.

Why milk teeth it is necessary to treat

It is impossible to call any body in an organism unnecessary. So, time milk teeth appear at the person and function in the first years of life, they are necessary. Therefore it is necessary to watch and look after them as well as constants.

The immunity of the kid is rather weak and unstable to many infections since it did not meet them earlier. And therefore a painful tooth - not only the fine environment for development of bacteria, but also direct health hazard of the child. The fact is that the toxins produced by microbes very quickly are soaked up in blood, cause intoxication of an organism and lead to diseases of internals.

In addition, many adults who faced a toothache perfectly understand what discomfort can cause enamel damage, inflammation or hypersensibility of a tooth nerve. Therefore one more argument which is speaking well for treatment of milk teeth — a way to protect the baby from unpleasant painful feelings. It is worth noticing that dental care at an early stage of damage rather without serious consequences and does not take a lot of time. If the kid since childhood is not frightened a dental office, it will prevent many problems in the future since he will not feel inexplicable fear, sitting down in a chair of the doctor. If a long time not to treat the injured milk tooth, it can lead to the fact that it will be required to be removed. As a result at the child the pronunciation of sounds can be broken, milk teeth can move to the place of dropped out that will result in incorrect arrangement of second teeth in the future.

How to prevent injuries of milk teeth

The most important rule to which it is necessary to accustom the child since childhood — daily toothbrushing. It is necessary to brush teeth twice a day, special children's paste and a soft toothbrush. Begin to use toothpaste from the moment of emergence of the first zubik in the baby. And as soon as the kid will be able to hold a brush — teach it to brush teeth independently. Explain to the child that after a meal it is necessary to rinse carefully a mouth, getting rid of the food remains. Avoid having a snack between intake of food and excess amount of sweets. You watch that at a diet of the child there was enough firm fruit and vegetables. When chewing similar food there is a mechanical clarification of a surface of teeth. Show the kid to the stomatologist at least 1 time in half a year even if you do not see any defeats on teeth, and the child does not complain of pain. It is better to prevent caries, than then to treat it.

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