Whether the doll head is necessary to the child

Whether the doll head is necessary to the child

Unfortunately, toys have property to break. Contrary to common opinion, not only boys inclined to sort and break the machines. Girls sort too and break dolls. Besides, the toy can suffer from "not special case". And here the body of a doll is spoiled and is not subject to recovery, and her head is in very good condition. It appears, it is not still lost! The doll head can find application if to show a little imagination and to take mom in assistants.


The doll head, especially if it quite big also possesses a smart mane not absolutely elf-lock yet, can become a fine dummy exercise machine for the little hairdresser or the makeup artist. By the way, similar toys can be bought and in finished form. But if the head already is why to buy?

To turn the doll head into the real dummy, it needs to be strengthened on a steady support. If necessary to put hair in order or to make new - it is not so difficult by means of a usual thick needle and suitable threads. On the Internet there are enough master classes which are in detail describing this process.

To such doll dummy the girl will be able to do various hair, to experiment with a make-up. It is only necessary to get more hair accessories and doll cosmetics – and it is possible to open "beauty shop"!

Doll for finger-type theater, a glove doll

If the head of a doll of small, no more than 6-8 cm in the diameter, it can become a basis of a finger-type or glove doll. It is very simple to make a finger-type doll. To an opening for a neck small "short skirt" from fabric to which handles of future doll are attached is pasted. They can be made stuffed. It is necessary to issue to a doll a hairstyle, the new heroine of finger-type theater is ready to think up the headdress corresponding to an image – and! The head several bigger sizes will be suitable for a glove doll. It can be attached to an old glove, and to issue already glove in the form of a suit: to sew sleeves, a dress hem, to decorate with accessories, etc. Of course, the doll head needs to give a look, worthy actresses too.

Besides game functions, finger-type and glove dolls contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the kid.

Rag doll

And it is possible to present to a doll a new body – soft, rag, filled by any light filler: cotton wool, foam rubber, sintepon. Scraps of threads and small rags of fabric can be put to use. As a basis cover it is better to take dense natural material – then the doll will serve longer. It is possible to make a rag doll tselnokroyeny, but it is better to sew separately filled handles and legs to a trunk – such toy will be more maneuverable, will be able to adopt more provisions, it will be more interesting to play with it.

If to make legs and handles of a doll in such a way that between the place of fastening to a trunk and a layer of filler several centimeters of fabric will be left, they will freely move. The doll will be able to sit, lift handles and so forth.

Of course, such "girlfriend" cannot be taken, bathing in the bathroom and walk, especially during wet and dirty weather, to it it is undesirable. And here to embrace her, filling up, will be just great! And still to her, as well as a usual doll, it will be possible to sew new dresses and to do a hair. Perhaps, such toy will become for your little daughter one of the most favourite – it will store warmly mother's hands!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team