Whether the little girl should buy children's cosmetics: opinion of experts

Whether the little girl should buy children's cosmetics: opinion of experts

Though on sets of children's cosmetics the specified age of application of 3-5 years, experts consider that 12 has to be minimum admissible. At this age skin of the child can already resist to harmful factors.

So far mothers and experts of different levels argue on whether the personal make-up bag with a set of hygienic means and decorative cosmetics is necessary to the little lady, domestic and foreign manufacturers already "saturated" the market with various sets for girls. On the one hand, there is nothing bad that since young years the girl will get used to look after herself daily. But it is sad when age from which children's cosmetics is offered, and young to call difficult. 3 years are rather early children's age when blush, lipstick, shadows and spirits positively do not influence intellectual development of the girl in any way, and here in the future to parents will add psychological problems.

Harmless entertainment or …

You should not go into extremes and to deny use of the children's shampoo softening and the moisturizing cream or lotion. Unlike adult, children's skin differs in a large number of sweat glands through which moisture is quickly lost. It is much thinner and more gentle therefore demands a special care and care. It is important that hygienic means for the small child were made on the basis of natural components: camomile, aloe, yarrow, melissa. They will remove irritation, will soften and will calm children's skin, play a role antiseptics. Premature use of decorative cosmetics is capable to accelerate puberty. Experts are uniform in opinion – to acquaint with lipstick, powder, shadows follows not earlier, than in 12 years. And that in case the child participates, for example, in amateur performance, and the bright make-up is nothing but a part of a scenic image. Doctors demonstrate that at this age the structure of children's skin becomes less sensitive to external factors and penetration of infections. Some mothers understand this fact and in order to avoid negative consequences for health prefer to share the quality cosmetics with the daughter, than to buy specially children's. Though in adult alcohol contains too, fumes of which the child willy-nilly inhales.

Safety first of all

Cosmetics for girls is not deficiency today, it even should not be looked for. Sometimes parents treat a request of the daughter favourably to buy children's cosmetics, perceiving it as the next toy. Especially as the majority of sets are not so expensive. However the low cost has to guard. It is an indicator that in structure, most likely, chemical components. Quality children's cosmetics should not contain any harmful impurity: lead, antimony, alcohol. Nail varnish, as a rule, only water-based therefore it will easily be washed away with soap participation. Lipstick practically does not contain dye. It is necessary to pay attention to admissible age, an expiration date and existence of the certificate of quality. Means, it is necessary to get only in pharmacy or in shopping center where upon purchase the check will be given. Components of cosmetics hazardous to health of the growing organism can do irreparable harm to the baby. Experts claim that even natural components sometimes cause allergies in the child if they did not undergo special processing. Experts consider that it is better not to follow the tastes of the daughter and not to hurry with cosmetics purchase. But if already parents decided to get it, then not superfluous will be to get acquainted with various brands and comments on them. The range of leading companies at least passes all necessary tests for safety.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team