Whether the lonely woman should give birth for herself

Whether the lonely woman should give birth for herself

The worthy partner in life on the horizon does not appear, and the child wants to be brought, there is so much not dissipated caress and tenderness inside. This desire is natural to psychologically and financially mature woman. If you think over alone to give rise and bring up the child, it is necessary to be prepared for all problems which you will face in advance.

Reaction of people around

In spite of the fact that lonely motherhood — the phenomenon, very widespread in our country, society negatively is mindful of those who choose this way. It is considered that for full development of the child both parents are necessary. However as the second male tutor the man to whom you entirely trust can act: friend or brother. If you are sure of the decision, reaction of relatives should not frighten you.

Increased load

If in ordinary family all burdens and cares of the spouse divide approximately equally, in this case everything will lay down on your shoulders. Certainly, there is also a grandmother with the grandfather, both close girlfriends, and other lonely mothers who will help you council or business, but anyway it is worth counting only on herself.

Characteristics of the father

Very difficult question: how do you explain to the child why he has no dad? You should not deceive and leave from the answer, it is necessary to speak sooner or later. The image of the father has to be positive — do not attribute it negative qualities, you do not say that he died and so on. If you communicate with future father and plan to keep the friendly relations, agree about whether he will give you support. If is not present, it is preferable not to communicate with him.

Material problems

Any time you will not be able to work with the child's birth therefore it is necessary to create a certain stock in advance not to think of money at least in the next half a year. You should not refuse the help of relatives — now you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the kid, he should not suffer because of your scrupulousness. Communicate with other lonely mothers how to save or earn, sitting in the decree. Outwork can become a quite good source of earnings.

Private life

After the delivery you will not have enough time for yourself — physical, moral and psychological loadings will be just enormous. Therefore try to organize in advance and as much as possible to simplify a family life. With the child's birth you should not become reserved and live within four walls. The your life will be more active and more various, the your moral and psychological health will be restored quicker. Do not push own desires and hobbies into the background, then the son or the daughter will not become a hindrance on the way to full and happy private life. And the child will grow up harmoniously developed and clever person, having become the worthy member of society.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team