Whether the name of the child affects his destiny

Whether the name of the child affects his destiny

Naming the child, we involuntarily predict some aspects of his destiny. It was easier for ancestors – they called the successor by the name of the Saint in which day of a celebration the kid was born. Today many return to this tradition again, others try to pick up a name to the child according to modern knowledge of numerology and astrology, the third just proceed from personal preferences.

There is an interesting hypothesis that the individual combination of height of sounds when pronouncing excites it in each name various sites of a brain that influences formation of the identity of the carrier.

Long ago it is noticed that owners of names which sound strictly and firmly have the same strong and stubborn temper, differ in determination and persistence. (Boris, Igor, Zhanna, Oleg, Nadezhda, Alla).

On the other hand, softly sounding names most often belong to appeasable and quiet people. (Svetlana, Lilia, Mikhail, Vasily, Ilya).

There are names which combine both firm, and soft sounding. They are conditionally neutral and give to the owners judiciousness and balanced persistence. (Alexander, Evgeny, Olga, Lyubov, Pavel).

Choosing a name for the kid, it is necessary to check that it was easily said in combination with a middle name. It is hard to utter the name which is coming to an end on two concordants at once in combination with a middle name which begins with concordants: Eduard Dmitrievich, Alexander Grigoryevich. Such names often distort, and the person waits for every time in alarm how this time will utter his name.

Besides, it is worth to remember also about school days of your child – intricate, unusual to hearing the name can become the reason of sneers of peers for many years.

It is not necessary to name the kid of the died relative especially tragically died. One more curious research of sociologists showed that among bureaucrats there is the greatest number of people with a name of the father: Alexandrov Aleksandrovichey, Sergeyev Sergeevichey, etc.

Since the earliest childhood the child already realizes importance of the name and if it is not pleasant to it, it will hardly well affect its future.

It is very simple to check it: snatch the moment when your kid is busy or keen on something, and quietly call him by name. If the child responds at once, the name means to it you chose correctly.

To foresee whether the name will suit the child, difficult. As the chief adviser let your intuition will serve. An excellent exit is the current fashionable now to give to the kid a double name: having become rather adult, the child himself will choose what of them is pleasant to him more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team