Whether the nursing mother can drink wine

Whether the nursing mother can drink wine

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During feeding by a breast of the kid the woman needs to be especially attentive to the diet. All that drank or was eaten by mother gets through blood to breast milk and as a result gets to the child. Nevertheless some young mothers sometimes want to indulge themselves with something – for example, a glass of wine. However not all know whether feeding can drink wine and what are possible consequences from its use.

Whether feeding can drink wine: what is told by doctors

The opinion of doctors is about it unambiguous – during the periods of pregnancy and feeding of the child alcohol is forbidden by a breast to the use. And therefore the feeding mom if she cares for the kid and wishes that he grew at healthy, should not use not only wine, but also other types of alcohol.

As an exception it is occasionally possible to use only nonalcoholic beer in moderate quantity if this drink consists of natural ingredients. Besides, at pregnancy and during feeding the breast to the woman strictly forbade smoking.

Why feeding cannot drink wine

Alcohol is very quickly soaked up in blood. Respectively, it also quickly gets into breast milk. The kid can just refuse a breast if his mom used even a little wine. At children of chest age the protective functions of an organism are very weak. In particular, his liver is not able to fight even against the minimum dose of the alcohol which arrived through milk yet. According to medical researches, at children 3 months are younger removal from an organism of alcohol happens twice more slowly, than at adults. Besides, alcohol is toxic. If mom uses wine during feeding, the child can have allergic reactions.

If after all there is a strong wish to drink...

The feeding mom has to remember that it is impossible to drink alcohol in a large number at all. But what to do if you need to go, for example, on a celebration or just there was a strong wish to use a glass of wine? Certainly, the refusal of alcohol intake will become the best option. If you do not want it to do, at least take certain precautionary measures. Before drinking, in advance decant so much breast milk that it was enough at least for 2 feedings of the kid. Do not drink much. The feeding mom as an exception can afford only 20-50 ml of wine. It will be better if you take only couple of small sips. Remember that the highest concentration of alcohol in blood appears approximately in 20-30 minutes after its use. If you drank at meal, time can increase approximately up to 40-60 minutes. At least, in the next 5-6 hours after alcohol intake do not put the child to a breast. Later this time in your organism the concentration of toxic alcoholic substances will be reduced significantly (if you drank a little). Only after that it will be possible to nurse. Nevertheless, if you value good health and health of the kid, refrain from alcohol intake until better until you cease to nurse.

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