Whether the ovum after an ovulation can be impregnated?

Whether the ovum after an ovulation can be impregnated?

Maturing of an ovum in a follicle of an ovary happens to the middle of a cycle. After an ovulation - an exit of a female gamete in an abdominal cavity - there comes the most favorable moment for conception of the child. But it is worth remembering that the mature ovum remains viable no more than 36 hours.

Two strips of the test for pregnancy are desire of any couple which decided to bring the child. However in this case of one desire it is not enough, it is necessary to know also some subtleties of conception. Approach of pregnancy is possible only when the spermatozoon meets an ovum. And if the term of life of a men's gamete reaches seven days, then at women's this period is reduced to 32, and even till 16 o'clock.

It is necessary to understand that vital hours of an ovum are reckoned directly after an ovulation – physiological process at which in an ovary the mature adult follicle is broken off, and of it in an abdominal cavity there is an ovum.

It is worth remembering that two ovulations a month practically never happen.

If within 16-32 hours after an ovum exit from a follicle there is no fertilization, then the female gamete under the influence of hormone of progesterone will leave during periods. Thus, day after an ovulation – the most favorable time for conception of the child. As confirmation to that serve also data of medical statistics according to which conception happens in 33% of cases at this time.

For comparison: conception probability at hit of sperm in a uterus cavity one day before an ovulation is 31%, in two days prior to an ovulation – 27%, in three days – 16%, in four days – 14%, in five days – no more than 10%.

But how to define an ovulation? At the normal monthly cycle lasting about 28 days, the ovulation occurs approximately in its middle, that is approximately for 14 day. However the time can be postponed either forward, or back. In that case most precisely it is possible to determine day of an exit of an ovum in an abdominal cavity by the following methods: - measurement of rectal temperature. Before an ovulation it decreases a little, and at day of an exit of an ovum from a follicle – wakes up; - visual observation of allocations from a vagina. During the period before an ovulation the vaginal allocations become waterier and on consistence remind crude egg white; - use of tests for an ovulation. It is possible to acquire the similar test practically in any pharmacy. The test is based on definition of lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone in urine which is actively produced by a female body before an ovulation. Such tests have also a shortcoming – it is necessary to determine hormone level in urine throughout quite long period - 5-9 days; - hardware method. Follikulometriya – an ultrasonic method of definition of an ovulation which at the moment is the most exact. To increase ovum longevity by means of exercises, medicines and folk remedies are impossible. But in order that conception happened more likely it is necessary to adhere to some councils. First, it is necessary to increase the frequency of sexual intercourses since that moment as the woman had first signs of an ovulation – increase in sexual inclination, pain in the bottom of a stomach, swelling of a breast, change of consistence of vaginal allocations. Secondly, it is necessary to avoid smoking and the use of a large amount of alcohol. Thirdly to try to eat it is less than food containing caffeine, chocolate – these products worsen blood circulation of genitals. Fourthly, to minimize intake of medicines.

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