Whether the pillow is necessary to the newborn

Whether the pillow is necessary to the newborn

For the adult the pillow is the indispensable attribute of a comfortable dream which is carefully chosen in such parameters as composition of filler, a form and the size. In a case with newborn children it is important to choose not so much suitable model how many to understand whether the pillow is so necessary for the kid. The answer to this question depends on the state of health of the child which the local pediatrician will help to estimate.

Pediatricians for the correct formation of a backbone recommend to put newborns to bed on a rigid and equal matrasik without pillow. But often the fact that the pillow is present at a set of bedding for the newborn suggests to parents an idea of need of its use. At problems with a backbone, deformation of a skull and existence of the diagnosis "wryneck", is recommended to use special orthopedic models of pillows in the form of the roller with the dredging or deepening in the middle providing a certain position of the head.

Do not put the kid on an adult chubby pillow at all: the child who did not learn to operate the body yet can choke, having buried in it a face. The disaster can occur literally in a minute therefore, for confidence in safety of the kid, get better a special pillow - "support". It consists of two blocks with soft filler which are covered with the washing fabric. The child on one side is during sleep in natural situation, leaning a back on the big block. The small block does not allow the kid to turn over on a tummy. On sale there are also pillows against a suffocation made of porous material with the channel system providing easy access for air. Such pillow will not complicate breath of the child even if he will turn over during sleep on a stomach and will bury in it a face.

That to the baby it was cozier, enclose the flannel diaper which is laid down four times under his life. In certain cases, when at the child the breath gets off during sleep, it is recommended to enclose the roller twisted from a towel under the upper edge of a matrasik. The tilt angle at the same time has to make no more than 10 degrees. This way will also help to facilitate breath of your kid if it caught cold as at the raised head the outflow of slime from the nasal courses in a throat will be facilitated.

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