Whether the pregnant woman can do exercises on an extension of legs

Whether the pregnant woman can do exercises on an extension of legs

Performance of exercises on an extension gives the mass of advantages to the person who is carrying out it. The pregnant woman at the same time is not an exception. But it is necessary to know features of exercises on an extension of legs for pregnant women.

Advantages of an extension of legs to pregnant women

The extension of legs helps to remove muscular stress, to expand the range of mobility of joints, to improve coordination of movements and blood circulation, to improve a metabolism, to increase endurance, will mentally relax. All this is prevention of such frequent illnesses at pregnant women as a varicosity and hypostases. Besides, the extension of legs gives to women in situation additional benefits. Them are strain of muscle, ligaments and bones of a pelvic bottom. It, in turn, is good prevention of long childbirth, gaps and cuts of a crotch, a fruit hypoxia.

The pelvic bottom consists of bones of a small pelvis and six muscles. During childbirth all muscles and bones of a pelvic bottom stretch and form the patrimonial channel.

Features of an extension of legs at pregnancy

During pregnancy it is necessary to meet a number of conditions, carrying out exercises on an extension. Always before these exercises it is necessary it will be warmed. Pregnant women can carry out only static exercises and to avoid load of muscles which hurt. To carry out exercises slowly, without tension. It is not necessary to be fond of exercise "fold" and to do exercises with a starting position on a back. It is impossible to carry out exercises on an extension of legs if: there is a threat of an abortion or premature birth; the weak neck of the uterus is diagnosed; there were bloody allocations; wrong presentation of a placenta; there is a nagging pain in the bottom of a stomach and in a waist.

Exercises on an extension of legs for pregnant women

These exercises can be done every day.

Static exercises are exercises on deduction of a pose without hesitation and breakthroughs.

Butterfly. To sit down on a rug, legs before itself, to reduce feet together, to pull knees down (it is possible to shake them). It is possible to help to lower knees elbows (as in a prayer) or palms. Karate. To put legs more widely than shoulders, socks outside. To lower a basin as low as possible and to be late in this situation on 15-20 sec. Hands are put at the level of a breast as at a prayer. Raven. To squat, to part knees as it is possible more widely, a hand to put as in the previous exercise. Mother's bosom. To squat, to put feet behind the back. Knees are widely placed. To rest hands against a floor. It is also useful to do exercises on a twine, poses of a lotus and a semi-lotus.

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