Whether the pregnant woman can drink a glass of wine on a holiday

Whether the pregnant woman can drink a glass of wine on a holiday

Alcohol makes harmful effects on human health, and the pregnant woman and her future child are exposed to a bigger risk at consumption of alcohol. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that in small doses rather weak alcohol – for example, the glass of wine – will be not only harmful, but also useful. Red wine really incorporates vitamins and useful minerals, but it also has an untoward influence on health and development of future child, and the risk exists even at acceptance of small doses of alcohol.

Influence of alcohol on health of future child

In small amounts alcohol, especially red wine, vitamin-rich and minerals, brings to the person some benefit: it has antistress, bactericidal, antiallergenic action. But for the little future person who still is in mother's womb, any dose of alcohol is poison as the tiny organism is very sensitive to any influences.

At alcohol intake there is a risk of termination of pregnancy, and even small doses of wine can lead to an abortion. At mothers who during incubation of the child afforded wine from time to time children with a small weight often are born. If to take alcoholic drinks in large numbers, at an embryo the so-called alcoholic syndrome develops: still before kids were born, they observe problems in development, formation of heart diseases, violation of the structure of internals.

With the child's birth all these changes are not treated any more.

Alcohol also influences genetic material of the child, causing emergence of mutations because of which there can be uglinesses, violations of the structure of fabrics and bodies. And, at last, nervous system of the child suffers because of wine that leads to an arrest of development of intelligence and violations of behavior.

Safe dose of wine at pregnancy

One business if future mom has alcoholism and cannot get rid of an addiction, and another – if during a holiday there is a wish to drink a little with all. So some pregnant women who ask a question what dose of wine is safe for the child consider. Doctors unanimously claim that such dose does not exist. The less woman drinks alcohol, the it has less impact on her child, but influence anyway is. There is a probability that from one glass of wine there will be no consequences, but there is also a risk that alcohol nevertheless will affect health of the kid. Therefore very much it is not recommended to take even small doses some alcoholic drinks.

The risk in the first trimester of pregnancy when bodies of future person were not completely created is especially high, last months the influence of alcohol becomes less.

If you care for health of the child and responsibly treat pregnancy, do not drink alcohol, even a glass of wine on holidays. For the sake of happy life of the kid it is possible to refuse alcohol for several months. If you do not want to draw during a holiday attention to yourself and do not refuse to tell about the situation from wine, just taste it, and that who will be curious, explain that you drink tablets which cannot be accepted with alcohol, or think up other reason.

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