Whether the theater is necessary to children?

Whether the theater is necessary to children?

In life of each child there has to be a place to a miracle. The belief in miracles teaches much that it is useful in life. Presently most often miracles can be met on the stage of theater which is so loved by children.

In the modern world where computer games, gadgets, social networks govern, the people began to forget what means to trust in the fairy tale, to trust in a miracle, to empathize, listen and hear each other. In the majority they were closed in the own worlds, being afraid to let others there.

But children – quite another matter! Children are open for the world, communication and miracles. They believe that the good always overcomes the evil, believe that the fairy tale can become a reality, trust adults who surround them and just trust! And if to connect the real world and the childhood, then questions become ripe: where to find means to keep all that belief which overflows children? How to make so that future generation were not famous for indifference and callousness? How to cultivate in children identity, the leader who is independently making decisions who is able to think the own head? On these questions there are many different answers. But the most true of them – theater!

The theater is a huge world in which there is everything! From what party there would be no child whether sat in the auditorium, watching representation or played on stage, he will learn very much, a lot of things for itself will define, will gather much.

Children study everything in this world playing, and the theater is and there is a game. Whether the theater is so necessary to children? Unambiguously yes, it is necessary!

What can visits to the theater as the viewer teach children to?

Here it is necessary to make a reservation that it is necessary to accustom children to visits to the theater not later than 5 years. It is possible to begin from 2 years, only the plot of a performance has to be simple for perception, and representation should not last more than 30 minutes.

So to what learns theater?


The most important is of course feelings! Watching the events on the stage, it is possible to be influenced by the whole palette of emotions: love, compassion, patience, care, repentance, joy, anger, despair the list can be continued infinitely. But most important, the fact that children not just experience these feelings together with heroes they learn to control them and to express them correctly, but to express, but are not afraid of own emotions.

Creative approach

Without having huge baggage of life experience, it is difficult to children to find solutions in any given situation. As a rule, these decisions are standard and identical. Regular visits to the theater, will broaden the child's horizons, together with heroes of representation, he will live different life situations and learns to find to them creative approach and creative decisions.

 Ability to think

The theater learns to think. Production of any given performance is an image of the director, his view of the work, his point of view which it brings to masses. The child, can not agree with the director's position. To him can it is not pleasant suits or scenery, and can and are pleasant, can musical registration of a performance is not pleasant, and can it is pleasant. Anyway, if you ask it a question: "why?", he will answer you. The child knows the answer because he thought of it, reflected, thought. Of course, what children would learn to express the thoughts it is necessary to talk to them therefore after representation, surely discuss with the child all that he saw and do not impose the opinion.

New knowledge

Visiting theater, children gain knowledge. It how to read the fairy tale new, unknown to the child. They get knowledge not only from representation, and from everything around. New people, as they are dressed as behave, the foyer before the auditorium, the auditorium, music, scenery everything for what can the children's eye will be fixed, gives to the child new knowledge and impressions, not to mention the work.


Yes the theater teaches much including to rules of conduct in society. There are certain rules of visit of theater which are respected from time immemorial by the audience. How it is correct to put on in theater, finishing everything with when it is possible to visit buffet and as himself in it is mute messages, all this is studied by the child visiting theater. Usual standards of behavior which play a large role in education of children.

Conclusion: the theater is simply necessary, for development of children of their education and perception of the world around. Accustoming children to theater, parents open for them many doors to success.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team