Whether the truth that the second childbirth takes place quicker and easier

Whether the truth that the second childbirth takes place quicker and easier

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First labor, as a rule, becomes a severe stress for the woman, she should struggle with fears, to study a huge number of new information and to get used to the idea that during appearance of the kid on light it is necessary to remember, despite pain, about the correct breath and other important things. The second childbirth in this regard can be perceived easier.

The second childbirth: psychological aspect

Giving birth to the child for the second time, the woman can face very strong fear, especially if the first experience was connected with problems. Now she already knows what to expect, and it can frighten. However actually experience has to fill not with misgivings, and confidence. During the second childbirth the woman can already behave much more quietly. She is familiar with process, remembers what needs to be done and can not be afraid of mistakes. Partly exactly thanks to it the second childbirth takes place easier than the first.

Having experience, the woman can also solve whether someone from her relatives has to be present and support her. It also is of great importance.

That the second childbirth was easier, it is important to be prepared for them psychologically. You should not think of the bad moments connected with the first experience. Remember better that feeling which you had when you for the first time pressed the kid to a breast. Also remind yourself that you any more not the beginner, so, process will not be dragged out because of the wrong breath, inability to make an effort and other problems. Think that the birth of the second kid will be faster and easy.

Physiological party of the second childbirth

On average the second childbirth is about 4 watch shorter than the first. It is connected generally with the fact that the organism adapts to process already much quicker and easier transfers it. The woman's body itself "remembers" how the kid was born, and it helps to make the second childbirth faster and painless.

Even if it is difficult for woman in labor most to control breath and attempts, its organism will cope with a task. This big advantage of skilled mothers.

Passing of the child on patrimonial ways and his birth also occur easier and quicker during the second childbirth. First, it is connected with increase in elasticity of a neck of the uterus. After the birth of the first kid the organism of the woman changes and becomes much better prepared for such process. As the neck can be reduced and stretch at the same time now, pain becomes weaker, and process of exile of a fruit – quicker. Secondly, attempts at repeated childbirth, as a rule, are stronger and vigorous that considerably accelerates passing of the child on patrimonial ways and his birth. Thirdly, process of the birth of a placenta in this case is almost imperceptible and happens at the minimum efforts from the woman.

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