Whether the voice changes during pregnancy

Whether the voice changes during pregnancy

During incubation of the child the organism of the woman undergoes a lot of changes. Changes concern both appearance of future mom, and internal state. Even the voice at the pregnant woman sometimes becomes other.


1. Researches which showed that hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect considerably a voice were manufactured in the United States of America and even "to break" career to the professional singer. Quite recently experts conducted heated arguments concerning why future mom cannot sing the necessary note. Some scientists said that it is caused by "violence" of hormones, and others were sure that everything put with development of a fruit: the kid grows and the thorax is squeezed.

2. For carrying out the research and assessment of how hormones influence a voice of future mothers, the scientists selected several professional singers who bore children. Voices of women studied throughout the third trimester of pregnancy and also three months after the delivery. The essence of a research consisted in record of voices, and then their analysis by means of the special equipment which helped to determine height and frequency of a sound. As showed observations, during incubation of the child the speech voice goes down on 2-4 tones, and at performance of songs on 1-2. The voice becomes deeper and low, here only to sing high notes very difficult. Some mummies notice emergence of hoarseness which is caused by decrease in a tone of muscles.

3. During the researches it was succeeded to establish that the increased level of hormones during pregnancy can lead to changes of vocal chords of the woman. Especially professional singers suffer from it. It is very difficult to them to reproduce sounds in that tonality that they gave out before pregnancy. Experts specified that so far it is only preliminary researches. They I continue to study this question further to develop recommendations for mummies singers.

4. It is necessary to tell that the women who are professionally not engaged in a vocal seldom complain to the attending physician of changes of a voice. If such problem also arises at pregnancy, it occurs on the term of 25 weeks and later. The voice can become hoarse as if chilled. To cure this phenomenon it will not turn out, everything will pass by itself after the birth of the kid. But not at once, and in about 2-3 months.

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