Whether there are brownies

Whether there are brownies

According to mythology of the Slavic people, the brownie is a hidden keeper of the house and house wellbeing. And though the official science is skeptical about existence of brownies, there are many certificates forcing to belong more attentively to studying this phenomenon.


1. It is necessary to tell at once that any uniform settled description of the brownie does not exist. But on the basis of certificates of people who managed to see it or in one way or another to come to it into contact, it is possible to draw a conclusion that this being belongs to other measurement, but can at desire appear in our world.

2. The last circumstance does not allow to see the brownie at will – for example, having carefully searched the house. Any ordinary terrestrial being, even the most reserved, would be caught sooner or later. The brownie can freely come to our world and it is so easy to leave it therefore to notice it, catching, very difficult.

3. How does look house? In the matter there is some definiteness – most often the brownie appears in an image of the low bearded and shaggy person. He is strong and gloomy, is very hard to win its arrangement. There is a belief that time for brownies passes back – they are born very old, then gradually look younger.

4. Many researchers tried to record appearance of the brownie by means of the various equipment. The majority of attempts terminated unsuccessfully, it was not succeeded to imprint clearly a visible image of this being by means of photo and video filming. Nevertheless, several times researchers could record movement of some power formations which contours reminded the low person.

5. The brownie is a keeper of a home. The best way to maintain good relations with it is to keep the house in a perfect order. The brownie does not love dirt therefore he shows to careless people ill-will. To the contrary, if you care for the house, it will become for you the good assistant, the keeper of your wellbeing.

6. Remember that the brownie appreciates the attention shown to him. He needs to be fed up – for example, to put to him in the secluded place a flat dish with milk, to put a bread piece. It is considered that brownies eat smells therefore it is not necessary to count that milk will be drunk, and bread is eaten. But your attention will be pleasant to the brownie.

7. The brownie can sometimes begin to behave aggressively – to knock, drop objects, even to come to hosts at night. Aggression of the brownie is only a way to report about some future unpleasant event. In such situation it is necessary to analyze the latest events and the plans and to try to understand what disturbed the brownie. As soon as you make the correct decision, the brownie will calm down again.

8. To believe or not in brownies – a personal record of each person. But considering that in the world there is a lot more unknown, it will be reasonable to allow at least a possibility of existence of this surprising being.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team