Whether there can be cellulitis at the child

Whether there can be cellulitis at the child

Not so long ago doctors said that "orange-peel" can appear only at women. But, as it turned out, these statements were wrong.

Cellulitis can develop at all

Cellulitis can develop not only at women, but also at any person and at any age. Of course, it is the most terrible when this disease is to a degree shown at children. The reasons of emergence of "orange-peel" in the child there can be a set. First, one of them is improper feeding. Often "careful" parents buy to the child the products containing incredible amount of sugar and salt. They do not think of the fact that such viands can do essential harm to health of their child. During development the children's organism has to receive only the most valuable and necessary food. In order that the child had no problems with exchange of substances, dews healthy and cheerful, it is necessary to protect it from the excessive use of fats and carbohydrates. Cellulitis at early age is much more dangerous, than in more mature.

This disease can lead to diabetes subsequently.

Secondly, parents cease to give to the child enough time. Today it is seldom possible to see adults who together with the kid play outdoor games. Because children began to lead an inactive life, cellulitis more often began to develop at them.

Whether it is possible to cure children's cellulitis

Of course, it is better to prevent "orange" education on a body of the kid, than to treat. But, if it was shown, remember that this problem curable, it is possible to try to fight with it. First of all, you need to reconsider a food allowance of the kid. For example, for breakfast do not give semolina porridge, and cook to it porridge or buckwheat. Try to give all uglevodosoderzhashchy food to the child in the first half of day. The lunch has to consist of proteins and fats, and fats should not exceed 10%. For dinner give preference to vegetable salads and boiled fish.

Remember that it is necessary to feed children only with unsalted food or to add salt very little.

Accustom the child to lead active lifestyle. Do not allow to sit long near the screen of the TV or the computer monitor. Set it an example. Together with it play outdoor and active games. It will help not only to physical, but also spiritual development of the child. Since early childhood accustom the kid to swimming. Water — the best doctor at fight against cellulitis. And, of course, do not forget that cellulitis is a disease. Therefore if at the child manifestations of this disease began, consult with the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team