Whether to believe in accidental predictions

Whether to believe in accidental predictions

Attempts to glance in the future and to connect it with the past were undertaken already long ago. Someone trusted in own intuition, someone learned to see omens in the natural phenomena, someone looked for predictions of fortunetellers. But still remains a question whether it is worth believing in accidental predictions and as they influence the future.

"People are suited so. Wish to know what will be"

Ways to predict future set. It fortune-telling both on cards, and on runes, and on a coffee thick, and even by means of the cookies with predictions which were so fallen in love to Europeans. Perhaps, because of abundance of options, there is a confusion, uncertainty and contradictions in attempts to solve signs of destiny.

Unlike the Scandinavian and Slavic rituals with runes, fortune-telling on cards came from China, Ancient Egypt and India. And only card the technician exists about ten since they were adjusted for centuries: the Gipsy predictions intertwining with the doctrine Lenorman popular Taro and others. How to understand, trust the pictures opening on a table or not?

Written to trust

At once it is worth making a reservation that for many the religion which does not recognize similar magical, pagan rites on studying the future is a source of belief. Therefore the belief in fortune-telling and predictions needs to be developed with firmness in itself, having rejected all superfluous, otherwise results are worth nothing. For the sake of a joke and entertainment you should not undertake predictions: after all not for nothing for centuries so many people created destinies personal and others' under the influence of fancifully spread out pack. The first factor in favor of belief in accidental predictions is the experienced psychologist predictor. Then on the basis of the nature of the asking and elementary rich life experience it is possible to judge the future. The position "is the second key to correctness accidents do not happen", such belief in destiny and some predreshennost. With an ulterior motive there was here such deal. It could be also another. And cookies with prediction could be chosen another. But is not present. How here to deny fatalism? The ability asking accurately will become the following criterion of fidelity of prediction to formulate a question and its readiness to dream up, give vent to associations. What answer would not be given by the predictor, only questioning will be able ideally to try on on himself an image, council and to compare with the events. Not always everything needs to be taken literally, it is better to look more widely.

And whether there was a boy?

But whether so predictions of the future are unshakable? To trust them, maybe, and costs, but blindly it is impossible to follow the tastes of pictures. First of all because predictions momentary, accidental, incorporating the past which came true at the moment. But life hurries all the time. And already every other day the factors influencing prediction can change, respectively, also the future will change. Besides, often prediction can be accepted as caution, to refuse the initial intentions, to go some other way on a vital fork and to change thereby the future. Accidental predictions can and be ignored, relying on own will and independence. But in exceptional cases it is worth thinking of support of the highest forces. Who knows, maybe, they will open something new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team