Whether to do inoculations to the child

Whether to do inoculations to the child

Dispute on whether it is necessary to do to the child inoculations or to write refusal, not the first year is conducted on social networks. The number of speakers for vaccination is approximately equal to the number of those who act against.

Doctors strongly recommend to impart the child, since maternity hospital. Exactly here do to the newborn in the first 12 hours of life a viral hepatitis B inoculation, the week baby impart from tuberculosis. Further, according to the national calendar of immunization of the child the vaccination against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, a rubella and epidemic parotitis expects.

Before each vaccine injection the parents have to sign the relevant document allowing or forbidding performance of an inoculation. Doctors warn that the minimum probability of emergence of complications after an inoculation nevertheless exists, as well as there is an opportunity to ache to not imparted child, however, pediatricians leave the right of the final decision for parents.

Inoculations and educational institutions

The parents who refused inoculations should remember that they should face problems at receipt in kindergarten, and subsequently, and in school. In a kindergarten and school the parents are obliged to provide the medical record of the established form signed by the chief physician of children's policlinic. The main problem is that the state and municipal kindergartens accept the card of exclusively district clinics, refusing the cards issued in clinics commercial. In case the child since the birth was only attached to medical institution at the place of residence, and observation was carried out by doctors in commercial center, then it is necessary to visit not once an office of the chief physician that, being guided by the legitimate rights of the parent, to receive the desired signature. Knowledge of federal law No. 157 "About immunoprevention of infectious diseases" will help to minimize problems.

Private kindergartens treat parents of the children who do not have inoculations more loyally. One of minuses of such kindergartens - high cost for visit.

Lack of inoculations — the reason of the bans

Besides disagreements with kindergarten and school of a problem can arise also at departure abroad. The lack of necessary inoculations can stand the reason of the ban on entrance in a row of the countries. Besides, the refusal also involves restriction in the choice of future profession as at employment the obligatory vaccination can be required. Anyway the final decision on need of inoculations is made by parents. In case of refusal from vaccination it is necessary to document it. Before signing refusal, it is worth getting acquainted with its consequences and possible complications.

Infinite dispute

Between the resisting parties of vaccination has to win against reason a dispute. It is possible to postpone the first inoculation until six-year age of the child, by the time of maturing of the immune system. To do inoculations strictly according to indications.

Before performing vaccination it is necessary to reveal lack of any given antibodies, and only in this case to do an inoculation.

Before vaccination without fail to make immunological blood test on structure of antibodies. Not to do an inoculation at all if the child is sick or he has an exacerbation of an allergy. For one session not to enter more than one vaccine in order to avoid serious loads of the immune system. Not to do an inoculation by live vaccine and to check emergence of antibodies after a month from the date of statement of an inoculation. Only in such a way it is possible to preserve health of the child.

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