Whether to feed the child with the decanted breast milk

Whether to feed the child with the decanted breast milk

The nature took care of that in several hours after the child's birth the woman could begin to bring up him breast milk. It is the food, most useful and necessary for the baby. However sometimes there are situations when natural feeding is impossible.

Influence of the first hours of life of the kid on a way of feeding

The first tests on the way of natural process of feeding of the kid can arise in maternity hospital. So, not all childbirth takes place smoothly, and severe patrimonial injuries can demand divisions of mom and the child, transfer of the kid to intensive care unit or just in children's office where it will be under constant observation of doctors.

Despite everything, milk begins to appear in large numbers in mammary glands of the woman in 5-6 hours after the delivery. Therefore if mom cannot at once begin to feed the kid, she should decant colostrum not to provoke developing of mastitis. The child eats mixes at this time. Therefore, there is a concerning question: whether the kid will take then a breast?

The reasons which can interfere with natural feeding

When the baby and mom reunite after complexity of the first days in maternity hospital, the kid can refuse a breast since he already got used to taste of mixes. Especially at food by means of a small bottle, the baby should use less efforts that milk got into a mouth. Therefore some kids categorically do not take a breast, cry and are nervous. Other possible option of succession of events — the woman begins to feel intolerable pain when feeding the child. On nipples there are wounds and cracks, and comfortable feeding becomes impossible. At the same time mothers resort to feeding of the baby the decanted breast milk. Anyway it is much more useful, than to use mix, let both the most modern and adapted. However such way of feeding is not an absolute alternative to natural feeding, though it is much more useful to the kid, than completely artificial nutrition.

The frozen decanted milk will help out when mom for some reason is far from the kid and will not be able to feed him.

Bad points when feeding from a small bottle

The biggest and considerable minus when feeding by the decanted milk is a lack of corporal contact of the baby and mom. And it is so important for the child in the first months of life constantly to feel mom nearby, her smell, heat, touches. Therefore even if there was a need of similar feeding, as often as possible embrace the kid and you carry it on hands.

Maternal milk is necessary for formation of strong immunity of the child.

The milk left on storage or even frozen all the same loses a part of the useful properties. In addition, it is deprived of hormones which are emitted only at natural sucking. Also the small bottle does not allow the baby to control the speed of receipt of milk completely. Try to use all ways for preservation or resumption of process of natural feeding and only as a last resort you feed the child with the decanted milk.

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