Whether to give a pacifier to the newborn

Whether to give a pacifier to the newborn

When in family the child appears, mothers and fathers have a set of the questions connected with development of the kid, leaving and education. One of such questions concerns expediency of use of dummies and pacifiers.


1. The need for sucking is inherent practically in all newborn children. The Sosatelny reflex belongs to unconditioned reflexes and at different children has different degree of expressiveness. Long before the birth the fruit in a womb of mother sucks a finger. Then, when the child is born, sucking of a mother's breast includes a number of processes which actively contribute to the development of a brain, digestive system, endocrine and respiratory systems in its organism.

2. If not to give to the child a breast rather often and for necessary time, he can feel the need to suck a finger is especially expressed. To it brings also deficiency of attention of mother to the child.

3. There is an opinion that instead of sucking of a finger it is better to give to the baby a dummy as he will quicker be disaccustomed then to it. But it not absolutely so: the babies sucking a finger will pass this stage through some time and will forget this habit if the need for it was completely satisfied by them.

4. To age of two months it is better to try not to give to the baby a dummy. It is absolutely undesirable to use nipples and dummies in the first weeks of chest feeding. At first the baby has to suck only a chest nipple of the mother. During this period there is laying of skills of the most effective sucking, the child learns to receive the maximum quantity of milk. And here the dummy can confuse it. As the form of a dummy differs from a natural shape of a breast, the baby will incorrectly take further a breast, to bite a nipple or too deeply to capture him. It can lead to emergence of problems with a mammary gland at mother.

5. If you noticed emergence of any problems with a lactation – do not hurry to give to the child in exchange a small bottle with mix or to distract his attention a dummy. It will lead to the fact that the kid will begin to be put reluctantly to a breast and can even refuse breastfeeding. Consult better with the expert who will help to reveal and remove the causes of problems.

6. However there are cases when application of a dummy is quite justified. If mother has problems with chest gland, and she needs to receive medical treatment, the baby can give a pacifier for some time. If mom needs to calm the child in the public place, this way will also approach. There will be no harm also if your child has the increased need for sucking, and the breast does not maintain such mode.

7. Do not forget that it is necessary to use a dummy only as an additional tool, the parental attention, caress and care always have to be on the first place.

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